AFO For Foot Drop – Which One is Right For You?

If you are considering getting an AFO for foot drop, there are many options available. Among the different types are the Carbon fiber AFO, Posterior Leaf Spring AFO, TurboMed AFO, and Dorsiflexion Assist AFO. Each has different pros and cons, but you will be able to decide which one will best suit your needs.

Carbon fiber AFO:

Carbon fiber AFOs are an alternative to conventional molded foot drop orthotics. They allow a person to wear normal shoes and reduce the risk of tripping. As these devices have a flat footplate, they can be easily positioned on the foot. This allows for superior customization. Moreover, carbon fiber allows for spring action, which aids in dynamic motion.

Carbon fiber AFOs offer greater support than conventional AFOs and eliminate unnecessary bulk. They also have proven to strengthen calf muscles and allow muscle tissue regeneration. In addition, carbon fiber AFOs align the leg and foot. While traditional plastic supports created a static alignment, carbon fiber AFOs provide a dynamic alignment, promoting a more natural gait.

Dorsiflexion Assist AFO:

The Dorsiflexion Assist AFO is a custom-fitted orthotic device designed to help people with foot drop. It is designed with innovative technology and quality materials. It is easy to adjust and is comfortable to wear. It adjusts to the patient’s foot size and enables them to walk and work without having to adjust their position.

The DACS AFO works by providing two to seventeen Nm of dorsiflexion assisting moments per 10 degrees of plantarflexion. The stiffness of the 300 gram device can be adjusted by changing the springs’ coefficients.

Posterior Leaf Spring AFO:

The Posterior Leaf Spring AFO is a type of ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) that acts as a spring to prop up the foot and promote forward movement. Typically made of carbon fibre, copolymer polypropylene, or a combination of both, this device is designed to provide support to the foot and knee during the swing phase of the gait cycle. Designed for people who have foot drop, it allows patients to maintain plantarflexion upon heel contact, which improves walking efficiency.

This type of AFO can be used for a variety of conditions, including cerebral palsy. This device is best suited for patients with mild to moderately severe foot drop due to spasticity. This AFO is narrow from the distal tibial segment to the hindfoot, and has a flexible design that allows the patient to bend the ankle during the mid to late-stance phase. How to get the Xtern Foot Drop Brace?


TurboMed for foot drop is a revolutionary foot brace that offers unprecedented levels of function. The device is made of a thermoplastic material and attaches to the outside of the footwear, giving patients the freedom to move their ankles without pain. Its patented design allows for complete ankle dorsiflexion and plantar flexion without limiting mobility.

The TurboMed orthotic is compatible with a wide range of footwear. It serves as an ankle brace for winter and steel-toed boots, as well as sandals. It has been shown to help patients walk, run, and hike for extended periods of time. Acute foot drop can interfere with the performance of many sports, from the professional to the amateur athlete. Without a proper orthotic, it can be difficult to return to sports that put great stress on the legs.


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