Amanda Kloots’ Perspective On Grief Will Make You Smile Through Tears


But when that time comes, Amanda will teach him the lesson that has really helped her. “Any time I feel lost or sad, or stuck, or question what happened,” she shared, “I always go back to, ‘What would Nick want for us right now?’ It immediately gets me out of a sad-grief place and it puts me in a happy-grief place of, ‘I have to live my life for him. I have to give Elvis every opportunity I can for him.'”

In fact, she promised Nick before he died that she’d give their son everything she could and show him the world.

“So, I’m a hard-working single mama to make sure he has the best of life,” Amanda, who threw Elvis a dinosaur-themed birthday party last month, said, “and that really pushes me to keep going for my dreams, put him to bed at night but then open my computer and keep working. He is a driving force for so much hard work and inspiration.”


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