Bulldogology Dog Car Seat Covers

If you want to protect your car from pet hair, dust and other unwanted elements, the Bulldogology Premium Heavy-Duty Dog Car Seat Covers are a great choice. They have adjustable straps that ensure a snug fit, waterproof resistance and anti-slip silicone backing. These dog car seats can be used with cars, trucks and SUVs.

Lifetime Warranty

While the Bulldogology dog car seat covers have been around for awhile, the company has decided to make their mark by going all Bulldogology dog car hammock out with a lifetime warranty. They also offer a free shipping warranty on all orders. This is something that most dog owners can appreciate. In addition to the dog car seat covers, Bulldogology also offers pet cargo covers, pet seat cushions, and a host of other pet related goodies. The company even has a dedicated customer service department to help you out with your dog car seat cover queries.

The Bulldogology pet car seat covers are no slouch. They boast a list of features you won’t find in many other pet products including an ultra-light weight and moisture resistant non-slip silicon backing, durable and adjustable headrest straps, and an ergonomically shaped padded foam cushioning that aims to keep your pooch comfy during car trips.

Double stitched quilted premium 600D GSM Oxford Material

If you’re looking for a cargo liner for your dog’s vehicle, then you should consider purchasing a cargo cover made from a double stitched quilted premium 600D GSM Oxford material. This material provides excellent durability and it is also waterproof.

In addition, this fabric is re-cycleable and fire retardant. It is a popular multi-purpose fabric. In fact, it is used for many products, including bags, marquee covers, curtains, motorcycle gear, and boat covers.

The liner features a padded top to provide extra comfort to your pet. It also features a durable, non-slip silicon backing and adjustable headrest straps for added convenience. The liner is a 3-layer design, providing a waterproof barrier to protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt and moisture.

The cargo liner is designed to be a long-term investment. It is easy to install and remove. In addition, it has a unique “hammock” design that prevents your dog from sliding and it offers a secure fit. It also features side flaps that offer complete coverage.


The multipurpose Bulldogology dog car is one for the discerning doggy connoisseur. Designed and crafted to a T, it offers the best of both worlds, including protection against muddy paws and water spills, plus the aforementioned moxys. With an estimated sizing range of 56 to 64 inches in width, you can rest assured that the Bulldogology dog car will accommodate your pooch in style. Whether you’re a first time driver or an aficionado, this multipurpose car is a must have. With features like integrated seat anchors and adjustable straps, your pet can be secured with little fuss, allowing you to enjoy your ride with the peace of mind of knowing your pooch is safe and sound. With this in mind, it’s a no brainer to add a new pup to the family.

Installation and removal within 30 seconds

One of the best ways to protect your dog from the elements is to make sure they are kept in a clean and safe environment. To this end, one of the best solutions is to use a waterproof dog car seat cover. This is not only an easy way to keep your pet out of the rain but also protects them from spills and other messes. Plus, it is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

While it is not exactly rocket science to purchase a waterproof dog car seat cover, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started. First, the material used is made of heavy duty material that is waterproof. Secondly, it is very well constructed and it is built to last.


Bulldogology offers dog car seat covers that are designed to provide a safe and durable fit for your pet. These seat covers are made from a high quality material that is water-resistant and 100% waterproof. They feature side flaps for complete all-around protection. They also have adjustable headrest straps for added safety. They are easily installed in less than 30 seconds.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the dog car seat cover also comes with a Lifetime Warranty. This is great news for those of us who want to keep our cars in top shape and maintain their value. Another important aspect of these covers is the fact that they are able to shield your seat from defects. This is a feature that is extremely useful to anyone who uses a vehicle on a daily basis.

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