Cardi B Speaks Out About The Backlash Over Rolling Stone


“I say what I want. I ain’t never been timid.” Cardi B is clapping back and sharing her opinion on the backlash she received after landing in the top 20 for Rolling Stone’s list of hip-hop’s 200 greatest albums. Cardi’s debut album ‘Invasion Of Privacy’ was ranked at number 16 ahead of Tupac, Kanye West, Nas, Missy Elliott, and others. Folks felt that the album was placed too high on the list.

In a recent episode on Angela Yee’s ‘Lip Service,’ Cardi did agree that she was even shocked that she was put before Nas, saying, “How dare them put Cardi before Nas.” The rapper also said she felt the list was a setup.“ Yeah, it was, like, a setup. Rolling Stone, you trying to set me up,” Cardi said. “You got my a*s dragged on a fucking Tuesday for no reason.”

Cardi had a lot to say and got real about the negative comments.

She continued, “You know, I understand that people feel a certain type of way. But don’t try to disrespect me or my work or my album because your mother was listening to my sh*t your bi*** was driving, listening to fu***ng ‘Be Careful.’ All y’all bi***, all y’all h**s. So it’s like, don’t even try it.” The Roommates sounded off in the comments following Cardi’s response.

A few recognized how every song on the album is certified platinum or higher. One wrote, “This is the first album in history to have every song go platinum. It should be higher than 16, honestly.” According to Billboard, Cardi is the first female to achieve such a high accomplishment.

As we previously reported, in March 2021, Cardi reflected on ‘Bodak Yellow’ becoming her first diamond-certified single. She took to Instagram, reminding folks about “How it started vs. How it’s going.”

Roommates, what do you think about Cardi’s response to the negative comments?

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