Cerner EMR vs Elation EMR: A Comprehensive Guide!

Are you eager to catch sight of what we have packed here for you in this Cerner vs Elation comparison? You might wonder why Cerner vs Elation. You will find it out later in this article that these are two best-in-class healthcare platforms. Both are known for ease of use, high-configurability, and next-level intuitiveness. Elation is the ultimate resort for primary care centers, and Cerner EMR software is for ambulatory care centers. Stay tuned to learn the rest. 


A Detailed Overview of Cerner EMR and Elation EMR:

To get the most out of this Cerner vs Elation guide, you must know what these solutions aim for and how they help medical professionals reach their maximum productivity. For that, let’s have a general overview of these industry-recognized EHR platforms. 


Elation Software:

Elation EMR is a beacon of light for primary care practices of its clinical-first platform. The vendor renders exceptional healthcare services to power a sustainable future for healthcare centers. Elation EMR changed medical industry norms by introducing a flexible and configurable tool for clients to work with. Above all, Elation EMR ensures to deliver the best to the care providers leaving no room for errors. Leveraging tech-intensive services, Elation EMR transforms clinical processes from scratch. 


Cerner Software:

Cerner EMR electronic medical records are the future of the medical industry as it ensures equitable patient care. Being part of Cerner medical records means being a part of the world’s largest healthcare community. Oracle’s acquisition of Cerner software has added to its worth by powering strategic decision-making. What’s more, Cerner EHR believes in people-centric experiences and values the demands and requirements of the clients. What sets Cerner software apart is its command center, enabling practitioners to work at their peak productivity.


Cerner vs Elation From Reviews Point of view:

Let’s explore the reviews in this Cerner vs Elation guide to discover which solution is recommended mainly by medical professionals. 


Elation EMR Reviews:

In the user’s opinion, Elation EMR is a well-structured tool backed with fine-grade functionalities. The reviews of Elation EMR are all about how easily this solution transforms medical practices in and out. This elegant software adds value to even basic clinical processes like patient intake, bill generation, and appointment scheduling. 

As per the reviews, the versatility of Elation EMR knows no bounds. It empowers physicians to deliver phenomenal care by utilizing minimal energy. Furthermore, reviews illustrate Elation EMR is all about improving patients’ lives. It is indeed a productivity booster that increases the efficiency of clinicians and clinical administrators. 


Cerner Reviews:

There’s no better solution than Cerner EHR when it’s about meeting set goals. While exploring the reviews, we learned how highly users think of this solution. They believe Cerner levels up their game by providing them with tech-intensive solutions. Cerner medical records is a powerhouse of intellectual AI-driven tools; thus, it simplifies all intricate procedures. The best part is that Cerner EHR holds itself accountable for delivering care timely by tying all loose ends. 

Additionally, Cerner electronic medical records offer an individualized level of security to ensure data confidentiality. Another fact physicians adore about this vendor is its user-specific access control. This feature alone makes Cerner a winner in the EHR industry. However, although this solution is straightforward, some clinics require IT teams to get the vendor up and running as its UX interface is complex.


Cerner vs Elation: The Pricing Structure:

It’s time to explore the pricing structures in this Cerner vs Elation EMR comparison. Knowing this, you will get halfway through the decision-making process by knowing which solution meets your budget range. So let’s start with Elation EMR pricing. 


Elation EMR Pricing:

Elation EMR provides three pricing plans for varying needs of medical practices of all sizes. This independent primary care solution features two pricing tiers, monthly and annually. The three pricing plans of Elation EMR are:


Direct Care:

It offers everything practitioners need to deliver optimal care, including HIPAA-compliant telehealth. The direct care plan costs $349 billed monthly and $275 billed monthly. 



This plan offers all Direct Care plan features plus quality dashboards, and risk assessments. The insurance pricing plan of Elation EMR is free for two months in an annual subscription. Its cost ranges from $333 to $399 per month. 



In contrast to the above two plans, the enterprise plan doesn’t offer telehealth compliance. Rest assured, it works best for large primary care centers. For pricing details of this Elation plan, contact sales. 


Cerner EMR Pricing:

To begin with, Cerner software has not listed its pricing structures. But it doesn’t stop the vendor from shining bright. The reviews are enough to know how great users think of its pricing structures. In the user’s opinion, Cerner is fairly-priced as compared to the other vendors in town. It saves a great deal of money, which means clients get the best bangs for their bucks. The Enterprise-grade plan of Cerner is truly an investment that drives returns in no time. 


What’s More To Know?

You might question why we didn’t list down the features offered by these solutions. It’s because all medical practices have varying requirements, and we only have limited capacity to share the details. This is because some physicians might believe that either Elation EMR or Cerner don’t suits them. So, the best way to learn about the features is setting up a demo with both vendors. Schedule the demo, and you will get to know about the features and integrated capabilities. 


Our Opinion:

If you want a sincere opinion on this Cerner vs Elation, Cerner medical records is a better option for sizable inter-departmental healthcare facilities. It keeps patients and physicians connected and keeps tasks from bidding down. As for Elation EMR, it is the best solution out there for primary care centers. The level of services it maintains is unbeatable. It is a threshold of clinical effectiveness and productivity. Request a quote for Cerner electronic medical records pricing and compare the price range of both solutions to learn which offers more tools at a low cost.

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