Confluence Cost vs Airtable Cost: What Do They Offer?

The Confluence software started as a web-based wiki in 2004 and it has come a long way ever since. It facilitates real-time collaboration between team members through shared documents, macros, and structured page trees. Airtable software, on the other hand, has been around since 2012. It is a no-code automation system to develop apps and manage projects. 

The following are the different features that are part of Confluence cost vs Airtable cost:

Confluence Cost 

Through real-time file editing, status comments, and notification capabilities, the Confluence software improves collaboration. You can share the most recent information and feedback with your remote team through announcement blogs as well as control who may access what information. You can arrange information using the structured page tree according to hierarchical value. Confluence pricing is available in four subscription plans:


The software provides an introductory plan using this option, which supports up to 10 users. Users who choose this plan have limitless space and page creation capabilities. Additionally, it may be used to build macros that incorporate Jira issues, epics, etc. to enable interactivity. To remain on top of each task while page versioning enables you to track all changes and obtain the most recent version.

Applications and integrations are supported by the free Confluence price, allowing you to use tools that you use every day. The template collection, meanwhile, can be used for best practices.


The regular plan, which is the second option available on the website, costs $55 a month. First of all, among other benefits, it can support up to 20,000 users. To make sure that only the right team members have access to sensitive data, you can also control pages and spaces through the permissions feature. 

Additionally, bulk archiving and unarchiving of pages may be done using it, allowing you to manage what is visible and when. Additionally, you will get page insights that provide you access to information on user views, comments, page visits, etc.


The price of the premium Confluence option is $105 per month. It is integrated with all of the functions that the software offers. Although it includes all of the capabilities found in the basic plan, it also has a few more features that make it helpful for larger businesses. You can filter reports using the analytics tool, for instance, by site, page, and space.

In fact, you may look at permissions to discover what level of access each person has. You can proceed more quickly by bulk archiving and unarchiving pages. Additionally, you will see information on the team calendars to be able to manage upcoming tasks based on the capacity of the team. 


All of the Confluence software tools are supported by the enterprise plan. There are, however, a few extra features for data analysis. Users can access data connectors, analytics, and the Atlassian data lake, for example.

Based on the number of users in your organization, Confluence software pricing for the enterprise option is calculated after you share more information with the team.

The Confluence software demo is also available on the website for reference to the features and functions before you get started. 

Airtable Cost

The Airtable software provides an easy way to develop apps as you can control and manage details through visual management tools. 


Small teams and individuals who wish to learn more about Airtable cost and its features can both benefit from the free Airtable plan. This plan allows you the creation of an infinite number of bases and supports up to 5 users. For improved contact with clients or resources, it can also be used to invite an infinite number of commenters to papers.

Users who choose this package will also get 2GB of attachment file storage space. Users can also choose from a variety of graphic apps, including grid, calendar, Kanban, and gallery. The interface designer, which gives users the ability to make essential modifications using the drag-and-drop capability, supports application development.


All of the services offered by the free price plan are included in the second level, which costs $10. It may also be used to handle 3 sync integrations, 3 apps, and up to 5,000 entries. Users of the Plus plan receive an extra 5GB of data storage. To maintain a stronger CRM overall, bespoke branded forms can also be made. Additionally, a run history of six months can be kept.


The pro package from Airtable costs around $20 and is one of the most popular because of the high-end management tools it offers. It can be used to manage 7 sync integrations, including the Jira tool, and produces an average of 10 apps per base. Additionally, the number of records per base has been increased by 50,000, and customers now have access to 20GB of data storage.

This choice incorporates visual management tools like the timeline and Gantt chart. To ensure that only pertinent information is shared with the teams, you can also maintain private and protected views.

Furthermore, administrators can manage the field and table modification rights, protecting critical data. And lastly, early access to the updates is provided to users who opt for this subscription plan. 


The requirements for a large-scale organization are taken into account in this final plan. It permits the development of an infinite number of apps and workplaces. Furthermore, it fosters Salesforce and Jira premium sync connectors. In actuality, each base may support up to 250,000 records. Users will gain access to 100GB of file storage when it comes to available storage space.

It can even be used to handle a SAML-based single sign-on, an ongoing success program, and an enterprise-wide admin panel. An enterprise package also offers a 3-year revision history, improved deletion recovery, base build services, and other advantages.

The website does not, however, list the cost of the enterprise plan. Contact the Airtable sales team to request a private estimate if you believe it would be a good fit for your company.

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