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Farming may seem like an odd genre of games to be popular, but Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon have proved many times over they can grab players like no other, and now gamingo has announced the release of its mobile farming simulation game, Fantasy Town.

Players fill the shoes of the Lord of Arsendal, an individual trying their hardest to shirk their responsibility to the people with all the subtlety of a wrecking ball. Each of their attempts to escape their duty is thwarted by the inhabitants of the town, all of whom pull the Lord into a variety of tasks such as tending crops or building new structures. With the town growing it becomes harder and harder for the Lord to escape, and throw in the temptation of learning more of Arsendal’s mysterious past, and they will never get away.

In addition to its farming mechanics, Fantasy Town also has a big focus on the RPG side of things. The townspeople can be levelled up to be more effective as warriors or crafters, the town can be expanded for more facilities, and there are dungeons galore to explore and do battle with a whole host of monsters. gamingo are also committed to holding regular special events with minigames, puzzles and runners, all with a bounty of rewards to reap.

While a life sim game like Animal Crossing may punish players for not playing for a few days, Fantasy Town takes advantage of the social nature of mobile devices, allowing players to form guilds that can care for each other’s towns. There will even be guild events for everyone to pull together and earn special rewards.

“Today’s launch is just the start for Fantasy Town,” says Jeannie Odreman, gamigos’ Head of Mobile Publishing. “Players can expect lots of community-focused events, especially those that involve the environment. We will also be listening to player feedback very closely as we look to give our community the kind of game they would be happy to play for hours on end.”

Fantasy Life is available to download now on the App Store or Google Play.


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