Highland Park Shooting Suspect Reportedly Planned Fatal Attack And Dressed As A Woman To Blend Into The Crowd


More details have been released about Highland Park parade shooting suspect Robert Bobby Crimo. Authorities now say that in addition to planning the Highland Park shooting for weeks, Crimo also purchased a handgun for his alleged attack and dressed like a woman to blend into the crowd without being recognized.

According to new reports from Highland Park law enforcement, Robert Bobby Crimo, the suspected shooter in the 4th of July attack that left seven people dead, dressed in women’s clothing in an attempt to conceal his facial tattoos and remain inconspicuous. Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli, a spokesperson for the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, stated that as horrified parade attendees were fleeing the scene Crimo went unnoticed during the commotion due to his disguise.

After taking the lives of seven people and injuring several others, Robert Bobby Crimo exited the roof where he carried out the shootings, dropped his rifle and blended in with the crowd as he escaped to his mother’s home. His mother reportedly lives in a nearby area, and he used her vehicle to transport himself to and from the parade.

Deputy Covelli said although he wasn’t certain of the exact kind of women’s attire Crimo was wearing, eyewitnesses stated that he had long hair, which means he was likely wearing some sort of wig.

Meanwhile, Robert Bobby Crimo is expected to be formally charged during a press conference, according to the Illinois State Attorney General.


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