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The hit downhill biking game Descenders is making its way onto mobile this summer, giving gamers the world over a chance to experience the freeriding speed. Original developer and publishers RageSquid and no More Robots have teamed up with Canada-based mobile developers Noodlecake to ensure that Descenders gets the best treatment with the port.

First released onto Windows on Xbox One in 2019, Descenders gradually made its way onto PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2020, achieving near-universal acclaim from reviewers. The aim of the game in a nutshell is to race down a hill as fast as possible whilst pulling off whatever mind-bending tricks the controls allow. The controls allow the player to control every aspect of the riders complete with a clever physics system, so any amazing 720 flipping tail whipping gymnastics that get pulled off will release that sweet skill-fueled dopamine. On the flip side, however, any wipe out can’t be blamed on bad controls.

Descenders features a procedurally generated world to keep the repeated runs interesting, so every game will have different jumps, slopes and hill bombs to contend with. The game rewards players who string together skills and speed with high scores and combos, pushing a high-risk high reward game style, you can get a big score but wipe out one too many times and it’s all gone.

When starting, the game will present a total of three different teams to sign up with; the trick-happy Team Enemy, the off-road experts, Team Arboreal, or the speed freaks, Team Kinetic. These teams are made up of every player who has selected them, all contributing to that team’s Rep, and the people in the top team get rewards with exclusive prizes and gear. Descenders also offers a multiplayer of up to 4 players, for a more up close and personal rivalry.

The COO of Noodlecake, Ryan Holowaty, shared his enthusiasm for the project, saying; “I couldn’t be more excited about bringing more high-quality indie games like Descenders to mobile. Descenders is a top of the line BMX game that deserves to be played by everyone and now that we can bring it to your phone, new players will be able to experience the rush of barreling down a mountain at top speeds too.”

Descenders can be pre-ordered now for $9.99 on the App Store and Google Play, with a projected release date of August 4th.


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