How To Integrate AR On Your Big Commerce Store?

3D Rendering is a technique that allows you to visualize your product in a 3D environment. This is done by taking the 2D images and converting them into a 3D object which can be manipulated on-screen by a user. Most people need to know how to integrate AR for a BigCommerce store.

Adding 3D Products To Your Store:

To embed a page that contains your product on your website using an iFrame, follow these steps:

  • Go to the store owner dashboard and navigate the “My Pages” tab.
  • Click on the “New Page” button, and choose “Product Page” from the drop-down menu that appears. 
  • Once done adding all necessary information about your product, click the Save button at the bottom right side of the screen or hit Ctrl + S keys together to save changes made by you in RTF format without having any errors present within it, which could result in displaying incorrect data when viewed by customers visiting the site after purchasing Bigcommerce platform. At the same time, the shopping cart was empty except for the shipping address entered before leaving the area during the checkout process itself!

You Can Easily Add A 3D Product To Your Store Using The WordPress Plugin Or Via The API Integration:

The plugin is available on, and you can install it there. The API integration is available in the developer section of the extensive commerce admin panel, and it’s available for Big Commerce 3 and 4. The plugin integrates AR into a BigCommerce store with the Bigcommerce API, allowing you to access all of Bigcommerce’s features and data. This includes categories, products, customers and orders. 

When You Are Adding The Product To Your Store, Embed The Iframe In The External URL Section Of The Big Commerce Admin Panel:

  • Navigate to the product page.
  • Click on the Add 3D Product button in your Big Commerce store admin panel, which will take you to a new screen.
  • Select the product category you created for this specific 3D product and click Add to Cart.

That’s it! You are done adding an embed code into Big Commerce and can now start selling in-store experiences such as virtual reality or augmented reality experiences in your retail store!

Navigate To Products → Categories And Create A New Category With A Name Of Your Choice. Select This Category From The List:

  • Now, create subcategories for each product type that you have in your store. For example, if you are selling only shoes, then create subcategories under ‘Shoes’ like ‘Shoes’ and then underneath it makes more subcategories like ‘Sport shoes,’ ‘Ready-to-wear shoes,’ etc., depending on how many types of products do you want to sell on your e-commerce store?
  • After creating a new category or subcategory, select the product type which is most relevant to this category/subcategory (e.g., if you are creating categories under Shoes, select Sport Shoes as a product type)

If there is no option for selecting any specific product type directly from the Big Commerce admin side dashboard page, navigate through Products → Catalogs → View My Catalogs page, where all available catalogs can be seen along with their products with them.

Next, Go To The “Description” Tab And Select “Use Custom Template” So You Can Add Full HTML Content For This View:

It is recommended that this template be created using a product view HTML editors such as Visual Composer or Divi Builder. This allows you to reuse your existing templates with minimal hassle easily.


Once you select the category and save the product, it will appear on the category page. 

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