How To Make Travel Comfortable For Pets?

Traveling with your pet may be inevitable because you have no option to leave them with others. It could also simply be because you prefer going everywhere with your pet.  

However, it is not always easy to travel with a pet when there are so many things to handle. In addition, pets, unlike humans, may not have the control to stay put in transit.  

Fortunately, you could do a few things to improve the experience and make things easier for you and your pet.  

This article explores different ways one can comfortably travel with their pet. 

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Prepare the Pet for the Journey

Note that pets tend to get agitated when traveling. They either get motion sickness or develop some form of anxiety that makes it very uncomfortable to travel.  

However, it would be best if you found ways to make this work. One of the things you could do is visit the vet and find out what they recommend. Not all dogs fear traveling, but some may be troubled all the way.  

The vet will advise on a safe way to calm the dog during the trip. It may involve giving them their favorite CBD dog treats. It will not only serve as a reward for the pet throughout the journey but also have favorable calming properties to benefit them. 

Note that sedation is not always the solution. Some airlines may have restrictions on pet sedation. After all, sedating pets has consequences that you may want to avoid. Preparing the dog well in advance can make things easier for you and them. 

Pet-Friendly Carrier or Crate Will Help

Note that your dog should always be contained whenever you are traveling. It does not matter if you travel by air or road. The careful harnessing of the pet makes a huge difference.  

Invest in the right crate and watch your dog enjoy the travel escapades with you. It may cost you much more than other crates, but it is worth the investment.  

A good dog crate comes with several advantages, including offering maximum support when the dog appears to be in a helpless situation. They may also be effortless to clean. You will also notice that great-quality crates are mostly foldable and easy to use.  

Fortunately, crates also come in various options depending on the material used. Choose the most suitable one for you. 

Prepare the Pet Psychologically

You certainly understand your dog’s personality and temperament better than anyone else. It means you already know whether your pet will be up for an adventure.  

Nonetheless, engage your dog in lengthy exercises an hour or two before the trip. This exercise will prepare them mentally for what is coming ahead. 

It is also a great way to ensure they relax during the journey because they will be too exhausted from running around. This technique is a plus since you do not have to worry about containing them as you travel. 

Feed the Dog Lightly

Make sure to feed your dog before you travel. However, because many pets are prone to motion sickness, provide them with high-quality but light foods. You do not want to overfeed them or feed them poor-quality food as this will make them nauseous.  

It is also not the perfect time to introduce new foods. You may not have the time to monitor whether the foods cause allergies. The idea is to feed the dog to ensure it doesn’t look hungry and weak. You can always feed them again once you arrive and are settled. 

Keep Close Attention to the Pet

Dogs are curious and will always want to explore. Unfortunately, they can also be too trusting if they have been sheltered and loved. They can always slip away if you are not paying close attention. The last thing you don’t want to happen is – your dog wanders off to an unknown location when you are in transit. Hence, always have them close by so that you can monitor their whereabouts. 

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If you are traveling with a cat, have their litter box inside the car. It may be challenging to let them out since cats do not wear leashes, and it can be difficult to contain them. You never know whether they will run off when you let them out for a bathroom break. Do not risk finding out the hard way.  

The bottom line is never to leave your pet alone. If you are on a road trip with your pet, adjust the temperature inside to match the usual surroundings. It will help the dog adapt and become more comfortable. Using the air freshener at home is also a great idea, as this can help create a safe and familiar environment that makes your pet feel secure and happy. 

Final Thoughts 

Pets are great companions both at home and when traveling. However, caring for them well, especially when traveling, is essential. Their comfort is paramount. So, follow the tips mentioned above, and you will be good to go. You can also talk to your vet before embarking on this journey to be sure that nothing will go wrong. Pets can sometimes be sensitive, and all caution must be taken to avoid causing severe problems.  



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