How to Optimise Your Workspace for Maximum Productivity

Keeping your workspace organised and prioritising wellness of health boosts productivity. A calm mind can work efficiently and deliver high-quality results. Surrounding always acts as an input to your work performance. That’s the reason why big companies like Google, Microsoft and many others have built workspaces that interest their employees to work better. The workspace includes location, office equipment and the surrounding vibe. However, remote work has changed the dynamics of the workspace. Productivity can still be achieved by knowing how to optimize your workspace with the following tips.

Declutter Your Workspace

When you sit in a cluttered space, all you think is “How do I work?”. It hampers focus and productivity. Try to keep your space clean. Place a dry bin near you to discard any paper or notes instantly. Many jobs require two screens which means more horizontal space. Hence, ensure you have only placed those items which are necessary while working. This will make some space for the required gadgets on your table. Arrange the items as per the size of your desk or table. Another way is to declutter regularly. Throw the items which are rubbish to tidy up. At the end of the day, clean your desk.

Stay Organized

Make a to-do list for you to refer to at the end of the day. This will make you feel accomplished. Plan your day well. Prioritize your tasks and work on them accordingly. Maybe complete the demanding tasks at the start of the day when you are energized and rest you can do in the other half.

Take Small Breaks

This is a great practice to follow as working continuously is exhausting. It could be a coffee break or talking to your family or whatever you like. Sometimes back to back meetings do not allow us to take breaks. But the least you can do is take at least one min break to breathe.

Natural Light

If possible try to find a workspace where there is natural light. Natural light refreshes your mind, keeps you healthy and increases productivity.

Keep A Plant

Plants always add color and have their benefits. Plants make one feel alive. They give you better energy and some plants also help in purifying the air. They can create a great workspace environment. That’s the reason why travelers feel refreshed after they visit a greener place. 

Personal Touch

Placing anything that motivates you to work can be a part of your workspace. For example, family photos, personalized calendars or other personal items. This differs from one person to another. There is no rulebook to design your workspace.

Ergonomics Matter

Businesses have understood the importance of having a comfortable space to work. That’s why in a physical location they have it arranged or for work-from-home arrangement, they reimburse it to the employee. Especially in desk jobs like in the Information Technology sector, bad chairs with no ergonomic support lead to lower back pain or other health problems. To make a better workplace, an ergonomic chair and laptop elevator are a must. It is vital to ensure a specific distance between the eyes and the laptop screen, the distance between the keyboard and hands and body alignment as per the laptop riser. A lot of companies have introduced standing desks or flexible ones. 

There is no such guide to follow to arrange your workspace in one particular way. It’s your way, whatever makes you comfortable. One approach may not suit the other just like no two people are the same. Whether you are an employee at a physical location or a freelancer who can work from anywhere, keep in mind the above tips would help you work better and live a healthy life too. You can find more articles related to freelancing here.

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