How women can reach more intense orgasms

Men are champions of orgasms. They can reach ecstasy in just a few minutes, sometimes seconds! In their case, the excitement is easy, following the physical and visual stimulation. On the other hand, women are built differently. Their pleasure has little connection with the physique and more with the psychic.

This means that sex is more complicated for them. Sexology experts claim that every woman must learn to control their mind and body. This will help them reach orgasm in a record time. Stress is the biggest enemy in the way of orgasm. You have to remove it if you want to reach the ecstasy in just a few minutes.

Relax and feel good in your body

Have you ever wondered why men visit a sexy Polish escort London? WEll, because they like how these women act in intimacy. They like the fact that they are super relaxed and want to enjoy sex to the fullest. They like that they are open-minded and have no inhibitions whatsoever. So, you should act the same when you are being intimate with your partner.

You can be sure that he will love it. He will feel attracted to you even more and he will want to make love with you over and over again. And, as a result, you will reach the orgasm easily and quickly. You will feel a lot of pleasure. It doesn’t matter that you have some extra kilos. What matters is to feel good in your body and enjoy sex as much as possible.

Stress at work reduces libido and the chances of reaching orgasm 

During sex, it eliminates negative non-sexual thoughts, focusing only on physical sensations. Be careful about each type of touch and the feeling it leaves. And if your worries slip into your thoughts, make the same mental effort to remove them. Persevere until you focus only on pleasure!

If you let the sensations take control of your body and do not react mentally against them, you will have an orgasm.

Do sports as often as possible

Physical exercises train your pelvic muscles so that you can reach orgasm easily. Discovering this magical effect that sport has on your body, you can become much more active during sex. Jogging, lifting weights, yoga, cycling are some of the best choices.

Masturbate to get to know your body much better

In order to train your body to be orgasmic during sex, it is advisable to practice masturbation. Only by masturbating you can experience and find out what kind of touch you like. Sex distracts your attention from your own needs to those of your partner. Even when you have sex, think about what you like when you masturbate and ask your lover to satisfy you in the same way.

Learn how to breathe

Breathing plays an extremely important role in the speed with which a woman reaches orgasm. Breathing is, of course, an involuntary process. Yet, during sex, there is a tendency to keep our breath, under the effect of physical and mental tightening. You have to stop this instinct and inspire and exhale as slowly and deeply as possible.

Choose positions from which the clitoris is intensely stimulated

You will not be able to reach orgasm in record time if you ignore your clitoris. He is the key to your orgasms. The fastest way to orgasm is to apply rhythmic pressure on the clitoris and its area. There are many positions that stimulate the clitoris, and some of them will actually stimulate it very hard.

Use a vibrator

Your partner should not feel offended, especially if he often forgets to touch your clitoris during sex. The orgasm will approach with fast steps. Visit a sex shop and buy a vibrator that you like. Try it alone at first and then use it while having sex as well. Talk to your partner about it so that he won’t be surprised when he will see it.

Try Kegel exercises

In order to enjoy quality sex, with guaranteed orgasm, you have to work your pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises involve tightening these muscles. The more you tone these muscles, the more intense sensations you will have. You can even reach multiple orgasms in time. So, it is definitely worth trying these exercises whenever you have the occasion.

Do Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises will help you tone your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. To achieve them, you only have to tighten and relax the pubococyse muscles. You can do Kegel exercises whenever you want. In short: anywhere, anytime!

Limit alcohol consumption

Some wine glasses could relax and help you get rid of inhibitions. However, alcohol can diminish sexual desire and reduce the intensity of orgasms. Therefore, it is important to limit yourself to only one glass of alcohol a day. By doing so, you will enjoy a satisfactory sex life and strong orgasms.

Maintain the health of the circulatory system

You can do this by regularly performing physical exercises. The movement does not have a positive effect only on the muscles or health of the heart, but also on sexual life. Regular physical exercises help you burn calories. Plus, it can help you reduce stress. Most importantly, with your physical activity, you will be able to improve your blood circulation. This is an essential aspect of good sex life.

Pay attention to the adverse effects of the drug treatment you are following

Certain drugs may interfere with sexual desire and the pleasure of the sexual activity. It is known that certain antidepressants may have a negative impact on sexual appetite. So, it is very important to pay attention to this detail as well. Do not ignore it if you want to have a satisfactory and fulfilling sex life.

However, scientists have discovered other classes of drugs that can diminish sexual pleasure. These include contraceptive pills, antihistamines, cholesterol reduction, and blood pressure regulation. Talk to your doctor about the possible side effects that the medicines you use can have on sexual life.

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