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Today, HoYoverse revealed its latest video game undertaking, an urban fantasy ARPG project named Zenless Zone Zero for PC and iOS. The announcement has come with news of a closed beta that is available to apply for on the official website now.

HoYoverse may sound like a new company, however, it is in fact the new global entertainment rebranding of miHoYo, who most will know as the faces behind Honkai Impact 3rd or the incredible popular Genshin Impact. At first look, Zenless Zone Zero seems set to follow the same anime art style of these previous big hitters, with hopefully the same tight enjoyable gameplay the company is capable of.

Zenless Zone Zero is a new IP set in a sprawling post-apocalyptic city, featuring a deeply engaging story and a cast of distinctive characters. Players fill the role of a Proxy, who is, in essence, a bodyguard for hire. The world has been devastated by a supernatural disaster known as the Hollows, which appear out of thin air, creating distorted dimensions populated by monsters dubbed Ethereal. These dangerous areas that no sane people should step near are of course huge draws from a multitude of people, who hire the playable Proxies to help them who must then explore the Hollows, battle the monsters, and help their client achieve their goals all the while learning more about their individual stories.

The hub for humanity in this world is named New Eridu, which was the last urban civilization that somehow survived the apocalypse. The city managed to survive and even thrive by acquiring technology that can be used to extract valuable resources out of the mysterious Hollows. As New Eridu grew it became known as a city of city and attracted more residents, whilst also starting general interest in the Hollows. The city’s administration then decided to monetize and industrialise the Hollows, which has led to increased tensions between monopolistic enterprises, gangs, conspirators and fanatics.

There is not a huge amount of information released on the gameplay as of yet, however, it has been described as a fluid, cinematic action-orientated system. When in combat players can control different characters in order to unleash damaging skills as well as unlimited QTE combos. There is also a report of a roguelike gameplay mechanism to explore.

Anyone interested in the Zenless Zone Zero closed beta can sign up for it on the official website now.


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