iKnowMed vs NueMD – 2022 EMR Options

Clinicians must find EMR (electronic medical record) tools to ensure that they can focus on providing care to their patients. iKnowMed and NueMD are two competent options with a robust set of features. This article will highlight some critical components of iKnowMed vs NueMD so you can compare which of these is a better option for your practice. 

The outstanding web-based EHR system known as iKnowMed Generation 2 was developed by McKesson Specialty Health to satisfy the needs of hematologists and oncologists. This health IT system was developed by more than 200 oncologists, who drew on their regular clinical experiences to develop the program. The approach is flexible and appropriate for various medical practices, including sizable cancer treatment facilities with hundreds of staff members.

A complete web-based medical billing software solution is NueMD. The user-friendly, affordable online medical billing software will help you better serve your clients by shortening reimbursement cycles, enhancing practice efficiency, and providing complete information on revenue trends, collection aging, and payment status to your clients.


Key Features 

Medical Billing 

As the application is ICD compliant, users do not need to learn any code. Users can manage their requirements for medical billing with the help of this billing software. Since the program makes it easy for users to create bills, the practice’s total productivity increases. Effective billing allows users to control overhead costs and understand the price. The program also helps to speed up the collecting process and boost practice revenue.

Practice Management Tools

The iKnowMed EMR platform offers fully integrated practice administration software and administrative oncology-specific features for tasks that professionals perform in their line of work. Customers who use this technology may have longer patient encounters and concentrate more on the clinical aspect of the business.

Appointment Scheduling

An excellent appointment scheduling feature that supports automation and may send patients automated reminders is included in the iKnowMed program. Doing this decreases the practice’s overall capacity and revenue growth while its no-show rate decreases. The appointments may also be scheduled using the patient portal. Patients can quickly request appointments on their own through the patient portal.

Patient Portal

The Patient Portal and your process, as well as your workflow, are both automated by Praxis. The Concept Processor in Praxis automatically changes health maintenance at the portal based on the state of each patient. You can improve patient engagement, communication, and education with little work. Streamline the process of taking in patients and getting their permission, do research and studies online, and improve patient results. 

iKnowMed EHR Pricing 

You can ask customer support for a quote that is specifically tailored to your practice to learn more about Iknowmed EMR pricing.

iKnowMed EHR Demo

You can ask customer support for a quote that is specifically tailored to your practice to learn more about Iknowmed EMR pricing.

iKnowMed EHR Reviews

There are various iKnowMed EMR reviews that show that it is undoubtedly a reliable practice manager. It improves administrative task management in clinics and is also easy to use. 


Key Features

Improved Electronic Remittance 

Through our Electronic Remittance Advice, government and business payments are posted immediately and automatically (ERA). Patient accounts will promptly reflect all approved amounts, deductibles, coinsurance amounts, payments, rejections, and contractual allowances. Additionally, you will never again need to review a Remittance Advice (RA). NueMD generates a report similar to the RA that may be printed or saved. Collect all of your data online with confidence in its safety.

Client Management 

With the help of the NueMD’s schedule management technology, many medical professionals can track patients from arrival to departure. Appointment reminder calls may assist in reducing the number of no-show patients, and any schedule changes can be shown on staff members’ mobile devices. In addition, there is a patient portal, a library of letter and form templates, patient account analytics, and more data.

Patient Ticketing Tools

The NueMD Ticketing Module generates and prints patient invoices, collects billing costs, and applies payments to patient accounts. You may publish all diagnoses, treatments, and macros using this option. It may also be used to post all payments, such as insurance payments and co-payments. Doctors may even add charges and other alterations that alter the ticket amount. In addition, you may create suggestions and recalls, open any new tickets generated by your EHR, and keep track of many others.

NueMD EHR Pricing

Three separate NueMD packages are available for purchase: Practice Solution, Total Solution, and Ultimate Solution. Depending on the number of users and level of help, the Ultimate Solution offers several degrees of support. The cost for NueMD EHR also includes a personal transition liaison and onsite support options.

NueMD EHR Demo

A demo can give you the introduction you require to get started with the software. You can arrange a demo on the website to discover how NueMD might enhance your practice and ease billing needs. Users also receive training when they subscribe to the software. 

NueMD EHR Reviews

According to reports, NueMD is a dependable EHR that can also be utilized to simplify practitioner-patient scheduling. Other reviews also show that it has simple functionality and can be set up.  

Final Remarks

IKnowmed focuses especially on enhancing practice management for cancer practitioners. In the meantime, Praxis EMR covers approximately seventy specializations. When deciding between the two, it is essential to consider the platform’s features and functionalities in order to apply best practices to your system, since the cost of each solution is dependent on the size of your practice.

NueMD medical billing software was developed for many healthcare organizations. It is used by several medical specialties to handle scheduling, billing, health data, and reporting, among other tasks, and to optimize daily operations.

It can be concluded that iKnowMed and NueMD offer robust tools for practice management but one should keep in mind the requirements of their clinic before subscribing to a plan.

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