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Recently established indie studio Sunblink has released its debut game with the help of Apple, entitled HEROish. Exclusively available for Apple Arcade, Sunblink is a Castle-Defense Battler that also incorporates a deck-building system, resulting in some interesting gameplay.

Players start by selecting a hero with their own unique strengths from a pool of six distinct characters. Ranging from the ex-model turned tanky knight Flynn Diamon to the stealthy racoon riding rodent Spiderbait, there is a character to suit any preferred style. Each character also has their own distinct skills to take advantage of. For example, the ranger Vega can command her hound companion Ajax to lunge through the enemy ranks to deal damage.

The gameplay unfolds on a fairly linear battlefield, with the objective to destroy any enemy between the hero and the opposition’s Soul Gem, which must be destroyed. There is a large range of maps to fight on, with traps to avoid and turrets to assist in holding back the enemies. To aid in combat, players can build a custom deck of upgradable cards which will bestow a range of useful effects. From slinging magic to summoning an army of troops, they will be the key to deciding who wins the battle.

There are various ways to enjoy HEROish, both with or without other players. There are a total of three different single-player campaigns to work through, packed full of sweeping musical scores and humorous writing. Those who want to test their metal against real opponents can do so in 1v1 or 2v2 matches, to claim bragging rights and to compete to reach the top of the leaderboard.

HEROish is available now exclusively for Apple devices via the Apple Arcade. A subscription to the service costs £4.99 and provides unlimited access to HEROish and all other games in the catalogue.


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