Intelligent Ways to Make Your Car Sound Better for Entertainmet

If your car is a bedroom, the sound system is your home theatre. A good sound system makes your journey joyous. Current car audio systems support music playback and are integral to navigation and calling. Modern technologies like audio/video or AV receivers make car audio systems robust. 

Nowadays, numerous car accessories in the audio division elevate the sound system. Also, a little exploration of your current car sound system can fetch great results. Moreover, some tricks and tips would help make your car sound better.

Replace the Speakers

Undoubtedly, the OEM-fitted car audio systems have improved leaps and bounds. But to make your car sound better, you must opt for the premium range of third-party devices. Some leading audio companies worldwide specialise in making only car audio systems.

Also, if your vehicle is a little older, it might already have wear and tear. These wears over time make the music listening experience unpleasant. In such a case, it would be better to fit a new and specialised aftermarket speaker in your car. You can distinguish the stark difference between the bass notes in both speakers’ output.

Use The Best DAC to Make Your Car Sound Better 

A good aftermarket DAC or Digital-to-Analogue converter is necessary for your car to sound better. This device helps convert the digital signal from smartphones to an Analogue signal. DAC converters in OEM sound systems are pretty basic ones. It cannot deliver the same level of output as a specialised DAC.

Install a car amplifier

It doesn’t matter how good the speakers are in your car. You cannot fetch the best from those speakers unless the one provides optimum power. Adding an amplifier to the car speakers is the most prominent solution to the problem mentioned. It can elevate the performance of the car bass manifold.

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You can install an amplifier even with an OEM-fitted audio system. While purchasing one, check if it includes the speaker level inputs. Moreover, it should be compatible with your existing music system in the car. After installation, you will distinguish the fresh, clean, and raw power of the speakers.

Tone Controls Are the Best in Minimum Levels

Consider your sound system as a music instrument. The whole audio system will make your car sound better if appropriately tuned. While adjusted in higher volume, the OEM speakers tend to distort the output. It mainly happens more in case of heavy low or heavy low-mid frequency. These contribute to wear and tear in a system in the longer run.

A golden rule regarding this is to keep the equaliser flat if you don’t have much idea about the sound frequencies. Audio sources go through lots of mixing and mastering processes and add some frequency colours. The sound engineers already made the EQ adjustment in the source file on my behalf of you.

If you want to play with the pre-sets, do all sorts of permutations and combinations to reach the sweet spot. While doing so, keep the volume level and bass boost in control.

Quality of Source File Matters

You must have the best quality source file to make your car sound better. Compression is the biggest enemy of audio files. Compressed audio files may sound good in earphones. But, when you are listening to the same file on an open sound system, it will sound pretty cheap. FLAC files offer the best quality audio if you play from internal storage.

The higher the bit rate of the audio, the higher the sound quality you will listen to. When buying a digital copy of any music, prefer the one with the highest bit rate. Though it takes more storage space, it is worth every penny of your wallet. Exploring the music playback app, you are using can help improve the sound quality of a particular file.

An EQ or a Signal Processor Can Do Wonder

The sound quality inside the car depends entirely on the car’s interiors. Sometimes it creates noteworthy response peaks in frequency. The peaks are responsible for making the music shrill in treble frequencies. On the other hand, music becomes boom in bass frequencies. Most OEM-fitted car sound systems come with five to seven equaliser bands.

In that way, you miss tuning a large band of frequency. An external equaliser may help to make your car sound better in all aspects. A Signal processor is also a device that reduces the noise and manipulates signals from various sources. It also cuts the distortion out and increases the audio file’s overall volume. 

The Bottom line

In the modern world, accessories are available to accommodate all your needs regarding car audio. Knowing sonic technology and selecting the proper gadgets can make your car sound better than ever. 

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