Is It a Smart Idea to Buy a Distressed-Style Hat?

There’s no doubt that distressed-style hats are catching everyone’s attention. They’re everywhere you look, from the runways to the street. And while they may look cool, the question is, are they a good idea to buy?

Do you want to splurge on a distressed-style hat? If you are suspicious about its fame, you may get more surprised when you learn that many people try DIY hacks to give their hats a distressed appearance. Search for DIY tricks for this, and you will have plenty of recommendations.

You may ask why this style has a demand. Distressed hats have a rugged, masculine look that many men admire. Because of their formidable appearance, these hats can easily add some personality to any outfit while protecting against the sun and wind. If this chimes in with your idea of fashion, you know what you will do next.

But before this, it will be wise to explore whether you need this in your wardrobe. Consider asking yourself how often you will wear it. If the answer is only a few times a year, it might not be worth the investment. You may also want to know how well it will match the rest of your wardrobe. Unfortunately, a distressed-style hat might not be the best choice for sophisticated outfits.

Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide whether or not this hat sounds right. If you love how it looks and you’re confident you’ll get plenty of wear out of it, go for it. Of various styles, distressed cowboy hats can be the most exciting option.

And in this, try to find a distressed felt cowboy hat with a leather hatband. You will surely love its craftsmanship, attention to detail, and rough and tough flair.

Things to consider when wearing a distressed cowboy hat

When pairing a distressed hat with a leather hat band, you have to think about the overall style of the outfit. You don’t have to think hard if you want to build a more rugged vibe through your sartorial taste. The hat will complement your choice nicely.

However, you may want to spare a thought for sophisticated fashion with this in your closet. An all-polished look can be too risky to pull off with a distressed cowboy hat. But you can infuse elements of ruggedness into a prim and proper ensemble to balance out the ultimate impact.

Another thing you should account for is the color of the hatband. If you want the hatband to be the star of your overall outfit, let other parts of your clothing have a contrasting shade. Else, you can wear matching colors to blend the look.

Fashion gurus suggest that the texture of the hatband is a critical factor, even though it occupies a small space in the hat. Any smooth leather hatband will have a refined touch, while a rougher, distressed leather hatband will add a bit of edge. Do you worry about how this matters?

Outfit ideas to go with a distressed cowboy hat

If you are an ardent follower of trends and want to give the distressed cowboy hat a shot, extend your choices to unusual color schemes of red wine, olive, sand, and burnt honey. It will be fun and adventurous. Do you own a pair of skinny jeans with a distressed look? It’s time to release it from your wardrobe and wear it with your new stylish hat.

When you walk out in this combination, you will be a vision of coolness and casual appeal. You can throw a fringed jacket on to channel your cowboy energy. Inside the coat, you can wear a plain white tee. The whole style will have your signature while being suitable for a trendy look.

It can be tempting to try many things together, encouraged by the success of the look you desired to attain. But don’t go overboard to tame the Wild West charm. Some men get too excited and introduce different elements to take their game up. Buckles, statement rodeo belts, bandana, and studs are some standard picks.

Please stay away from them until you get the hang of the new style. Or, if you wish to push boundaries, go for one at a time. Take safer bets.

It is essential to know that fashion is subjective and is up for interpretation. If you are confused about whether you’ve dressed appropriately for an event or want to make sure you have the latest trends down, you must realize that there is no one standard. However, choose versatile clothing so that you can wear it multiple ways.

More precisely, when you have such items in your wardrobe, you don’t have to spend energy deciding whether a particular hat style will be a wise addition. You can add that one to your collection and wear it whenever needed.




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