King’s New PvP Mobile Game ‘Rebel Riders’ Soft Launches on iOS and Android in Select Countries – TouchArcade


King, the house that Candy Crush built, or rather the house that literally built Candy Crush, is officially and publicly testing the waters with their newest mobile game creation, and it’s quite a departure from their typically sugar-coated puzzle affairs. This is a new PvP-focused game called Rebel Riders, and it actually has quite the amusing premise. You see, there is a group of toys who have spent their whole life being used and abused by the children who owned them, so they band together and open up an underground fight club of sorts to blow off some steam and prove that they’re still worthwhile. As the title suggests, these battles are vehicle-based and there are all manner of different ones to choose from. Here’s a portion of the dev team filming from a “secret underground location” to bring you more details about Rebel Riders.

Anybody who has followed King for the last decade-plus knows that they have a pretty rigorous development cycle with new games, and new projects or ideas will be put through the ringer internally before even getting to a state where they’re publicly announced. Then they typically beta test or soft launch a game for however long is needed to polish things to the high level that their games are known for, which can be months or years. Of course, at any point along the way they aren’t scared to pull the plug on a project either if it doesn’t seem to be shaping up how they envisioned. Rebel Riders is such a departure from their typical stuff and the fact that they’re putting a lot of weight into announcing this soft launch and inviting players to participate tells me that there must be something good here.

If you want to test the waters yourself, the game is soft-launched on Android in Canada, Germany, Indonesia, and Malaysia. If you’re on iOS, the game is currently only soft-launched in Canada and you can find it in the App Store here. Anyone not able to get in on the soft launch can sign up at the official website as well as follow along with the game in our forums.


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