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NetEase has dropped the latest character trailer for its upcoming 2v4 spy game Mission Zero. Choosing to focus on three of the eight possible Mobius characters, the trailers showcase just how these assault-type characters will carry out their duties of catching the spies.

Mission Zero is an upcoming cat-and-mouse-style stealth game, which pits two chasers from the Mobius factions against four spys from the Sirius faction. Kitted out with high-tech avoidance equipment, the Sirius spies must infiltrate a location through disguise and trickery to download and extract some information, whilst the Mobius chasers must find and execute them. The trouble is, the map is populated with NPCs that the Sirus members can hide amongst and disguise themselves as, so the Mobius members need to pay close attention to everyone’s actions before making their choice.

To kick off the showcase, Aya is a young girl going for a cute aesthetic, earning her many admirers. With a penchant for humming nursery rhymes in fights, Aya is deadly with her bat thanks to a superior gene she was born with boosting her skills. Her strength is portrayed fairly well in her skills, having a passive that causes knockback with her attacks, and a forward dash skill that deals massive damage and knockback to her target. Add to this her ability to increase her attack range and knockback effect for a short time and Aya makes a powerful and formidable foe.

Next up is Gabriel, a big man born in the underground city, who developed a rough exterior and many faces to get whatever he needs. With the ability to launch out a hook to stun and drag enemies toward him he can be an intimidating foe. His passive grants cooldown reduction after a successful use of his skills, with a secondary effect of resetting all cooldown when he knocks someone down. Finally, he has a shield that gives him a speed boost if he blocks a spy’s control attempt. All skills that make Gabriel an expert at chasing fleeing foes.

Finally, we have Vanessa, an elegant clean freak who despises any filth, which also includes any Sirius members who hail from the underground city. Vanessa has a skill set that grants her impressive movement. Her passive provides a speed boost whenever she moves towards allies, perfect for assisting in an enemy chase. Her Homophonics skill allows her to form an energy link with an ally, which slows any Sirius who touches it, making it a very effective detection tool. Whilst that skill is active, Vanessa can activate her second skill to leap to her ally’s location and release a pulse with a slow-down effect, or if unlinked she can teleport an ally to wherever the skill was cast. With skills like these, Vanessa is a master at instantly traversing the field.

Whilst there is no release date set in stone, anyone who is looking to get early access to Mission Zero can pre-register on the official website.


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