Nikita Mazepin’s property worth €105 million seized by Italian authorities- Reports


Properties of former Haas driver Nikita Mazepin have been seized by Italian government authorities, according to a report by Reuters. The news agency states the Italian authorities have seized properties and assets worth 105 million euros, particularly an estate in Sardinia owned by the F1 driver and his father, Dimitry Mazepin.

Confirming information from two police sources in Italy, the report said:

“Italy has seized properties worth some 105 million euros ($114.45 million) owned by Russian former Formula One driver Nikita Dmitrievich Mazepin and his oligarch father.”

After being dropped by the Haas F1 team, the Russian driver and his father were added to the group of Russian oligarchs and individuals sanctioned by the European Union. Prior to being added to the list of sanctioned Russians, Nikita Mazepin had also held a press conference expressing his disappointment at his abrupt dismissal from the team.

Today I am announcing the creation of a new foundation to help athletes who have been blocked from competing for political reasons. #WeCompeteAsOne

Specifying a particular property belonging to Nikita Mazepin, the report said:

“The operation targeted a villa – known as Rocky Ram – located in the north of the island of Sardinia. It is part of broader efforts aimed at penalising wealthy Russians linked to President Vladimir Putin after the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine by Moscow.”

According to the report, the operation was a measure taken by Italian authorities to punish oligarchs and individuals from Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.The Russian F1 driver’s father owns Uralchem, which is the largest mineral fertilizer company and contributes a significant amount of revenue to the Russian economy.

Nikita Mazepin disagrees with the sanctions against him as an athlete

Since being fired by Haas, the sanctions imposed on him have made him one of the only Russian motorracers to be brutally punished for his country’s actions. The 23 year old driver recently spoke to the BBC about the Ukrainian invasion and the sanctions against him.

A reason behind Nikita Mazepin being added to the EU’s sanctions list was his father’s close association with President Putin. Dimitry Mazepin was photographed meeting the Russian President a week before the invasion of Ukraine. The senior Mazepin was also present in the President’s meeting of businessman and powerful Russian individuals who had met to discuss the events in Ukraine and the situation of the economy.

Speaking to the BBC about the sanctions against him, Nikita Mazepin said:

“I don’t agree with being in the sanctions and I have said previously that I intend to fight it. Perhaps now is not the right time because if you look at the whole situation that is happening against athletes in the general case, it is cancel culture against my country. That is about the sanctions.”

“The whole situation that’s happening against athletes… it’s cancel culture against my country”Sacked Russian F1 driver Nikita Mazepin says he’s been sanctioned unfairly and there are “tremendous risks” in speaking about the Ukraine…

The Russian also empathized with the atrocities and painful scenarios unfolding against the citizens stranded in Ukraine. However, Nikita Mazepin revealed that he faced risks if he commented on geopolitical matters.


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