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FunPlus have raided their coffers and brought a real Orlando Bloom to star in their latest live-action trailer for King of Avalon. Having recently had his character debut in the game, Bloom helps kick off the Frost & Flame: Kind of Avalon update which comes packed with new features.

The biggest update in the new Frost & Flame version is the introduction of the new Tower Defense battles. Players will have to learn troop restraint, whilst deploying varying units such as Bowmen, Spearmen, Swordsmen and Cavalry, along with the occasional hero and dragon, to defend their base from waves of Unmelted foes. Building cities also comes with a few new mechanics, having to assign jobs to residents and restoring harmony to the kingdom by reducing inhabitants and exterminating foes.

The introduction of American-comics art helps tell the new story of the game, where the brand new enemy army, the unmelted, approach Avalon with nefarious intent. Covered in snow and ice, the Unmelted have launched their attack against the continent in the harsh “Long Winter”, and it is the players job to lead their heroes to defeat this new dastardly foe.

To celebrate the new update, along with the Bloom-filled live-action trailer, players will be gifted with a free hero upon logging in, Orlando the Nightshard. The new blockbuster storyline follows the tale of the Knight Orlando, a once famed and respected leader, until one day he is attacked by the Unmelted whilst trying to save the citizens of Dragonshield Town. Orlando disappeared, but in his place appeared a hero that looked like him but half-unmelted. The story is explored in the new event, The Ballad of Orlando.

When discussing his part in the trailer and indeed the game as a whole, Orland Bloom said “It was incredibly fun to shoot the new trailer of ‘King of Avalon’ with the FunPlus team. Acting in medieval settings is something I’m pretty familiar with, but lending my likeness to a mobile game is new and it was a fun experience. I hope all the ‘King of Avalon’ players win many battles with Orlando the Nightshard!”

Adding to this, Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus, said “Orlando the Nightshard has already become a fan-favorite hero in King of Avalon and we’re excited to invite new players to the game to enjoy the character too. Orlando marks the beginning of a new era in ‘King of Avalon’, through a renewed in-game art design, a brand new strategic mode called Tower Defense and a thrilling narrative that fans will love.”

Frost & Flame: King of Avalon is available to download free on the App Store and Google Play.


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