Project Management Software Monday vs Asana Pricing Plans, Features and Demo

Monday is a cloud-based software that has been functioning since 2012. With a decade’s experience, it has been able to provide a trustworthy platform where teams can work on developing apps and manage their collaborative tasks in a smooth-flowing system. On the other hand, the Asana software was developed in 2008 and it provides equally sustainable that enhances team collaboration through automated tasks, goal management, and other features. Let’s review project management software Monday vs Asana pricing plans with respect to their features.

Monday Software Specs

Monday software platforms a wide range of helpful tools for people looking for project management options. First and foremost, it has an elaborate dashboard to cope with details through a bird’s eye view where you can track budgets, timelines, and progress. In fact, you can collaborate with your team members efficiently by sharing files and tracking what your team is up to.

Project management software Monday is also able to integrate automation to resolve the day-to-day queries that are often part and parcel of manual task management. Emails are scheduled on due dates to request updates and team members can send automatic reports too. In other words, Monday helps you save time that can be spent on other important tasks.


Monday Costs

The Monday website features five payment options for different teams:


The first plan can accommodate up to 2 users and it is able to accommodate numerous features for individual work management. For instance, users can make unlimited boards or keep unlimited documents as well. Instead of having to start from scratch, users can opt for templates and have a choice to pick from over 200 options. This plan runs efficiently on iOS as well as Android devices too.


The cost of this plan is around $8 for each member who joins. Users can utilize this option to organize teamwork through free viewers and unlimited items. Additionally, there is 5GB of file storage provided to users who may want to import their data into the software. If you encounter any issues, you can also seek prioritized customer support for help.


This third option is billed for $10 and it is able to provide a wider range of options for collaborative purposes. Users can access visual tools such as Gantt and Timeline where you can track progress and keep up with the deadlines. A calendar view can be used to check upcoming project events too. Moreover, the standard plan can be used to integrate more apps than the other two as well as run a bigger amount of task automation.


The pricing for the pro plan costs $16 per user and it can be used to create private documents as well as boards. Users can access chart view, time tracking, and formula column as well. The number of automation and integrations naturally exceeds those provided by the aforementioned plans. The Pro option is also able to create a dashboard that has up to 10 boards.


The last option is the enterprise that accommodates the needs of large-scale businesses. For instance, users will be provided with a higher level of security and governance of projects. There will be advanced reporting available for a company-wide overview. Moreover, premium support is offered to users who avail themselves of this plan.

Asana Software Specs

Asana software is quite helpful when it comes to project management. Some of its focused features include workflow builder, timeline, boards, automation, integrations, and reporting. It facilitates teams that are part of campaign management, creative production, project management, agile management, and request tracking too.

Users can set their goals strategically to align with your organization so that each member is focused on bringing the same results. Moreover, it can boost clarity since all the members will pace their tasks based on the specified goals. Another helpful feature is that users can access detailed reporting through real-time insights. The report charts are fully customizable and can be downloaded as well. The charts can also be created by using customizable templates.

The workflow builder can be used to organize form intake and automate tasks across the board. You can integrate apps such as Slack and Google Drive to maintain data as well as receive updates. The overall Asana review is in light of the prices of features as listed in pricing plans.

Asana Costs

There are three types of Asana pricing options available:


The first plan is entirely free of cost but it retains the ability to manage unlimited tasks, unlimited projects, and unlimited messages. Users are able to view the information in the form of lists that can be a comprehensive way to manage details. The unlimited file storage allows users to import files that are up to 100MB in size. Additionally, it is also possible to set assignees for tasks as well as specify the due dates of the projects so they can keep up with deadlines. The Calendar view in the basic plan is equally helpful in keeping up with all the future assignments.


This second plan, which costs $10 is an assortment of tools such as advanced search, custom fields, dashboards, and workflow builder among others. It can be used to create forms to import the information that can assist in assignment completion. Furthermore, you can specify rules for assignments in order to ensure that there are no hiccups in the future. The milestones tool is an optimal method to track task completion too.


The price of the business plan begins at $24 and provides several options to keep up with various aspects of projects. For starters, projects can be profiled through portfolios and users can set goals they wish to achieve. It is also possible to manage workload by keeping a check and balance of how much work each employee is tasked with. Custom rules builder is another easy way to specify details to match the project you are working on. It further integrates advanced apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Tableau, and Salesforce.

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