Randall Emmett Responds to Ex Lala Kent’s Claim He “Tackled” Her


In an overall response to all the claims in the article (including Kent’s), another spokesperson for Emmett, Sally Hofmeister, told E!, “These allegations are false and part of a now-familiar smear campaign orchestrated by Randall’s ex-fiancée to sway their custody dispute.”

The statement continued, “Lala Kent has lied and manipulated others in her desperate attempt to win full custody of their daughter, keep her name in the press, and remain relevant in reality television.”

A source close to Kent told E! News that the Bravo star “had no part in coordinating an L.A. Times expose that goes back 10-15 years prior to even meeting him,” and that, “She’s a drop in the bucket in this overall story. This piece is about business.”

Kent broke off her three-year engagement with Emmett in October 2021. In an appearance on Jeff Lewis Live in May 2022, she revealed that she had planned to take their daughter and leave on Oct. 15 but had suspicions Emmett was having her “watched” in the days leading up to her Oct. 27 departure from his house. She also stated he threatened to call the cops on her if she left.


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