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Today, Headup and com8com1 Software have announced that their sci-fi shoot ’em up, Rigid Force Redux, will be making its way to Android next month. After having already been released on consoles and garnering some positive reviews, it is time for mobile players to enjoy a frantic shoot ’em up, in space!

Set around the planet Therra, the protagonist is part of a military space organisation fleet called the United Planet Freedom Forces, or UPFF. The player is tasked with taking on a variety of combat missions to protect allied planets, with assistance from an AI called PSYE. Besides the main missions, there are additional modes such as the Arcade or Boss Rush Modes, as well as the chance to reach the top of the global leaderboard.

The gameplay takes place from a side-scrolling perspective, with handcrafted 3D models set against some stunning backdrops accompanied by an upbeat synthwave soundtrack. Players’ ships can be armed with a bounty of upgradabale weapons and Force Shards, capable of dealing devastating damage to foes. With a bullet hell atmosphere complete with countless foes, the game will demand every ounce of concentration as each enemy has its own unique strategies to overcome in quick succession.

When talking about the mobile release, the founder of com8com1 Software, Marcel Rebenstorf, said: “After the phenomenal response from the media and players about the initial release of Rigid Force Redux, we are very excited to announce that we are bringing the title to Android. We are certain you are going to have fun with countless hours of shooting action!”

Original developers com8com1 Software has teamed up with acclaimed publishers Headup to get the best out of the game for mobile. Having won Best Publisher at the German Developers Awards four times since forming in 2009, Rigid Force Redux will be in very capable hands for its release next month.

Rigid Forxe Redux will be available to download on Google Play on August 11th.


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