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Riot has been on a spree lately, revealing the new set and the upcoming patch notes as a one-two punch for League of Legends spin off Teamfight Tactics. The latest set, Dragonlands, will shortly enter the Public Beta Enironvment with a view of a full release next patch, and until then players can embrace the content in patch 12.10.

This latest patch does a fair bit of tinkering across the board with the various traits in the game, buffing quite a few of them, whilst players who favour the Innovator traits may want to cover their eyes. The Arcanist, Hextech, Twinshot and Yordles get their core benefits buffed a decent amount, whereas the Innovators’ mechanical constructs take a hit to their health or armor.

Also on the nerf train, the champion Ekko has their Convergence Damage and bonus Attack Speed nerfed a bit to balance with their fairly cheap cost. Riot have backtracked on their recent buffs for Orianna, turning down their Shockwave shield and damage a small amount, as well as taking Dravens attack down too. On the flip side Kha’zix and Viktor have a small buff to keep them competitive, with Renata Glasc getting a substantial buff to their Toxic Wave damage to combat the DOT nerf last patch making her less effective. For a more detailed insight into patch notes, visit the Riot site here.

Whilst it is interesting to see what champions and traits Riot are favouring this patch, there is one word to attract any player’s attention; Dragons. The next set for Teamfight Tactics, Dragonflight, is currently in the Public Beta Environment for the lucky fans who made the cut, however there is enough information released to whet everyones appetite.

Dragonflight takes place in the Dragonlands, an archipelago that is shaped, coincidentally, like a dragon. With the nail well and truly struck on the head, the Dragonlands host multiple islands with their own biomes, such as the Jade region being covered in an oasis, the Ragewing littered with scarred gorges, or the Shimmerscale containing valleys with scores of Shimmerstone growing. The dragons that populate these islands come loaded with the new Dragon trait. The units bestowed with this trait count as two units have a lot of bonus health cost double the usual price in their tier and count for triple their trait bonus. Put simply; they will eat anyone. There is a list of each individual dragon in Riot’s Gameplay Overview article.

For the nitty-gritty mechanic changes, the Raptors of stages 4-7 have been replaced with Treasure Dragons instead. When encountered they offer two choices; Take all the items they offer or risk it all by rerolling for 1 gold till the ideal composition pops up. It is a toss-up between shooting for the perfect endgame set-up vs preserving gold for emergencies. Augments remain, rebranded as Draconic Augments. Players will have the opportunity to refresh their augments at various points in the match to choose to use in the best tactical moment later on, or early to cement as much power as possible. More on these mechanics can be found on the official website.

Finally, the Dragonlands Pass will arrive, offering a variety of dragon-themed rewards for playing the game. The base pass will offer emotes and the Little Legend pass, whereas those who shell out 1295 RP for Pass+ will be able to reap the rewards of exclusive Little Legends, Star Shards and the Tier 3 Dragon Nursery Arena. When playing in this arena the whelpings that live in the arena will celebrate alongside those who win, but woe befalls those that lose in their presence. For those wanting to browse the visuals of the pass rewards, check out Riot’s Pass article.

Teamfight Tactics is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.


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