‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ Season 4 Now Available, Brings New Arena, New Rocket Pass, Crossover Unlocks in ‘Rocket League’ Proper, and More – TouchArcade


Following its launch in December of last year, Rocket League Sideswipe quickly earned our Game of the Week nod and then, through several more weeks of playing, won us over as our iPhone Game of the Year for 2021. It is an absolute masterclass in distilling what makes Rocket League so much fun on console and PC and bringing it to mobile devices in a way that suits the platform perfectly. It’s also totally free, with no catches that I know of? Truly incredible. Anyway, Rocket League Sideswipe utilizes a seasonal format for doling out new content and features, and thus far seasons have ran for about two months each. Which means Season 2 kicked off in early February, and Season 3 kicked off in early April. And that would have put Season 4 somewhere right around early June… except that didn’t happen. The team at Psyonix needed a little more time to finish up the new season, and so players got about an extra month to continue plugging away at the Season 3 Rocket Pass. Well that delay is officially over with the launch of Season 4 today, here’s the trailer.

As you can see, the big ticket items this time around are a new arena called Eggscalibur Arena that really leans into the medieval theme of this latest season. Medieval and… egg themes, I guess. All I know is that the arena really reminds me of the Medieval Times restaurant, which is a good thing. Then you have a new game mode called Mutator Madness which will feature randomized elements like a square ball, or flipped gravity, or unlimited boost, and many more. There are also new Crossover Challenges which will allow you to unlock items for use in both Rocket League Sideswipe and regular Rocket League on other platforms by linking your Epic Games Account. There’s plenty of other cool things in store for Season 4 too, like the return of Hoops, some killer new cosmetic items, the arrival of fan-favorite body type Fennec, and more. Head over to the Rocket League Sideswipe blog for all the details and hop in-game right now to check out Season 4.


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