Some Important FAQs Regarding Hair Loss

There is no denying the fact that the majority of people suffer from hair loss nowadays, and there are various causes for hair loss, from aging to poor diet, environment, and medications. Unfortunately, if you are one of those who are experiencing the hair loss problem, you should know about this problem in depth before you start any treatment regimen. 

Therefore, in this article, we have come up with some critical FAQs regarding hair loss. So, keep reading it till the end!  

Some FAQs Regarding Hair Loss:

Now, let us discuss some common questions that usually come to people’s minds regarding hair loss:

1. Can You Inherit The Baldness Genetic Material?

Yes, the baldness gene material is inherited in both men and women. In males, the gene can originate from either parent, while in females, if only one parent has the baldness gene, it is less likely to be presented in their children. Because of this, women possess a higher amount of estrogen in their blood.

2. What Is The Normal Age When You Start Losing Your Hair?

The onset of baldness can come about at any time from the age of 16 ahead, especially in males. If you experience hair loss at this early age, it can lead to near-complete baldness with time until the man comes to his early 20s.  

Just about one-third of men are bald when they reach their late thirties. It can be due to the early and speedy onset of male pattern baldness. Though it tends to obvious itself a little later, like near the early thirties, it takes sometimes 20 years or more to bring complete baldness.

3. Can Stress Trigger Hair Loss?

Yes, it can. According to several pieces of research, stare has been directly connected with hair loss, particularly associated with large amounts of emotional or physical stress. 

The most common kind of stress linked to hair loss is called Telogen effluvium. When the hair experiences such kind of stress, it stops growing and starts falling after two to three months. But, don’t worry! It is a less serious type of hair loss because, within six to nine months, the hair will grow back again. 

4. Can Hair Styling Be A Source Of Hair Loss?

Yes, it can. This kind of hair loss is mechanical instead of physical. If you pull on your hair, you will get some of them in your palm. Nevertheless, if you repeatedly pull on your hair by wearing a tight ponytail or simply waving them, you are surely boosting more of it to come out. 

In addition, hair treatments, such as extensions or the use of heating rollers in hair styling are not good for your hair and can lead to hair breakage, damage, and loss. 

5. Do Cosmetic Products, Such as Shampoos, Conditioners, Hair Sprays, And Hair Dyes Reduce Hair Fall?

The answer is quite simple. Focus on the word ‘Cosmetic’. All these treatments are cosmetic, which means that they will only improve the look of your hair, not prevent or treat hair loss. 

Shampoos and conditioners can make your hair structure improved but only superficially because proteins can block up little gaps in the hair shaft. Apart from that, other treatments will color your hair or provide it with more body but that is the limit of what they can do. 

There is no way that these hair care products can enter the hair follicle itself. Thus, they can’t help you nourish the hair and even don’t support hair growth. 

6. Can Medication And Hair Treatments Treat Hair Loss Problems?

Yes, different pieces of research reveal that there are some medicines that are effective to prevent or treat hair loss. You can simply visit for a hair checkup. The hair specialists will surely suggest to you the best possible hair treatment or medication that you can take to reduce hair fall. Moreover, it will also make your hair stronger and more voluminous.

Conclusive Remarks:

We hope that you have attained some quality information regarding hair loss by reading this article. So now, take care of your hair to keep them healthy and shiny. Hence, if you are unluckily suffering from a hair loss problem, you should not ignore it. Start looking for the best treatments for hair loss. Don’t forget to consider the one that we have mentioned above.

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