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It is not only the real world that has everyone melting into a puddle, summer has arrived in Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. The event, Surf of the Water God, brings new summer-themed outfits and exclusive skins alongside a new form of currency.

The Water God Leviathan has heard everyone’s pleas and showered the field with Water God Medals and water fountains to cool the field down. By jumping on their fountains players will be fired into the air to collect these floating medals and, as a bonus for Dragoons, a nice boost to start gliding around the map more.

These Water God Medals can be spent on the Water God Packs which offer a chance to obtain, amongst others, an inflatable water chocobo, summer swimwear, weapon skins or the highly coveted watermelon outfit. By obtaining and wearing the Leviathan Outfit from the Special Shinra Pack pulls, players can increase the number of medals obtained by 50%.

The event also brings a limited-time event store, offering a myriad of summery items. Players can purchase a chocobo fishing rod, a water themed chocobo skin, and the Surf Wear outfits. These outfits will also bestow a 50% increase in medals earned upon players when worn.

By finding a locker key in the fields and locating a locker, players will be able to change in event-exclusive swimwear. These outfits will reduce the damage dealt by hazardous water zones that have popped up by half, granting a nice tactical advantage in a fight. Alongside this benefit, each colour of swimsuit will bestow bonus special effects, with the colours being determined at random when equipped.

To celebrate the launch of this event, Ateam are giving away a total of 1000 Water God Medals across 10 days as a login bonus, as well as the Leviathan Helm headgear to any player that logs in during the event.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.


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