Taylor Lautner’s Fiancée Taylor Dome Makes Twilight Confession


Taylor Lautner‘s fiancée imprinted on the wrong Twilight character!

Taylor Dome—who got engaged to Lautner late 2021—joined in on the “Show your childhood crush, then the person you ended up with” trend on Instagram and poked fun at her initial Team Edward roots.

In the video posted on June 29, Dome showed photos of Robert Pattinson‘s character Edward Cullen before cutting to a clip of Lautner—who played Edward’s rival Jacob Black in the film. Her caption read, “I think it’s time to come clean …” to which Lautner took to the comments to write, “Bout time I won something.”

Earlier this year, Lautner joked with E! News that he’s “still trying to get through” his fiancée’s love for the on-screen vampire, who ultimately won over Bella (Kristen Stewart’s) heart in the Twilight series. The actor also revealed that the Lemons by Tay founder previously missed her chance to meet Pattinson when she sat next to him on a transatlantic flight but “didn’t say hi.”

“She was visiting me on the set of a TV show I did called Cuckoo in London,” he said told E! News in February. “When she got to me, she was like, ‘You’ll never guess who I was sitting next to on the plane.'”


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