Telehealth platform Connect2MyDoctor launches AR patient education module


Connect2MyDoctor, a telehealth platform by Melbourne-based health tech startup Neev Tech Labs, has launched a new three-dimensional/augmented reality module for patient education.

The telehealth platform, which also operates in Bengaluru, India and Dubai, has been used by patients in over 15 countries and accessed by more than 3,000 specialists since it launched in 2016.


The web and mobile app-supported module called cARe enables specialists to easily explain anatomical structures and physiological mechanisms to patients through integrated AR. 

The AR module has a list of 3D models for doctors to choose from during online consultations. One of its main features is the ability to highlight and annotate models to allow a deeper understanding of medical processes. It also has zoom and rotate functionalities. According to a press statement, custom interactions can be designed and integrated as required.

Available as a stand-alone component, hospitals can integrate the module with their existing systems but Connect2MyDoctor says it is best used with their integrated platform.

Besides patient education, the cARe module can also be used for Continuing Professional Development and by Virtual Tumour Boards and medical colleges. It can also be integrated with and used for outpatient and virtual care.


Connect2MyDoctor claims its AR module can add value not only to medical education but also to the understanding of complex surgical processes and a clearer understanding of human anatomy. Clinicians can use it during pre-operation to help patients and their families understand a medical procedure.

The integration of augmented reality into telemedicine, the startup claims, has the potential to also transform the way doctors deliver their diagnoses and recommend treatment.

Moreover, medical students will no longer have the need for real patient bodies to practice procedures given the availability of a 3D/AR technology.


Australian telehealth firms have worked toward building an integrated virtual care platform in recent years. Last year, Sydney-based Eucalyptus scored A$30 million ($22.4 million) in a Series B funding round, which will go to its creation of behavioural health and chronic care modules on its telehealth platform.

Another company, Coviu, has added remote patient monitoring to its platform to allow doctors to receive real-time vital parameters of their patients during online consultations. It also recently launched an on-demand language support service on its platform in partnership with language services provider Ezispeak Health.


“cARe, our 3D/AR module, can be a game changer not only in terms of patient experience but will also be a great engagement tool for hospitals. Connect2MyDoctor is working on various next-gen AI technology tools taking the game beyond just video consulting, even as AR continues to transform telehealth and the in-patient consultation experience. With cARe, Connect2MyDoctor is all set to revolutionise the way [healthcare professionals] diagnose, educate and treat their patients,” Pramod Kutty, CEO and co-founder of Connect2MyDoctor, said in a statement.


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