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New developers Playsome have released their first game after two years in development entitled Friends & Dragons. A turn-based strategy game, Friends & Dragons takes influence from tabletop gaming with its own unique twist to provide an easy to enter but hard-to-master playtime.

The roots of Friends & Dragons are pretty easy to see; there is a group of heroes from different fantasy races who all band together and enter some dungeons to do battle with dragons. It would have been easy at this point to throw together a turn-based system and churn out another fantasy clone, however, Playsome took the genre and added a fairly interesting gameplay twist.

Taking place on a board, the party is represented by tiles, with the crux of the gameplay taking place around positioning and movement. In each round, the player can move the entire party to pretty much anywhere on the map in order to enact many strategies using the hero’s unique ability. For example, a tank could have the ability to push a monster a title away, which they use to position enemies into a line, which an archer can take advantage of by using a linear attack to cause damage to everyone, whilst a mage pulls off a good old fashioned explosion to finish the job.

The ability to manoeuvre anyone anywhere opens up the game to a lot of tactical thinking, tactics that thanks to the guild system, players don’t have to do alone, bringing the delight and frequent carnage of a tabletop RPG session with friends to mobile devices. There are massive raids that will take the combined effort of the whole group to take down, or the more solo strategists out there can campaign mode instead, or take part in special events to test their skills.

Friends & Dragons is available to download free now on the App Store or Google Play.


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