The Greeks’ historic victory at the European Championship in 2004

Many fans remember the sensational European Championship in 2004, when Greece, the underdog in previous matches, defeated Portugal. Bettors who bet on its championship then won a reasonable sum of money. The company ibet789 accepts bets on sporting events and pays money for winning combinations to fans worldwide. So let’s remember how the final match of the European Championship took place and what helped Greece to become the champion.

Chronology of the Greece-Portugal match on July 4, 2004

Until 2004, Greece had never won a final tournament. The game took place in Lisbon and drew no more than 15,000 Greek fans. The rest of the stands were occupied by the red-green flags of Portugal.

Most experts were betting on a quick goal by the home team, but from the very first minutes of the match, it became clear that a lightning win was unlikely. Although the Portuguese team possessed the ball more often, in the 4th minute of the game, the Greeks managed to create the first goal thanks to an accurate pass by Katsouranis. As a result, Ricardo and Charistéas collided in the battle, but the goalkeeper managed to intercept the ball. The next dangerous moment in the Greeks’ gate direction was Maniche’s long-range shot in the 24th minute.

The teams entered the second half with a score of 0-0. Portugal failed to find winning combinations and unravel Rehhagel’s tactical plan. In the 57th minute, Charistéas opened the scoring with a targeted header into the Portuguese gate. Almost immediately after the goal, Ronaldo responded powerfully. If you are interested in sports and want to feel the excitement of possible winnings, go to ibet789 login, get acquainted with the rules, and place your bets.

In the 65th minute, midfielder Figo almost scored with a dangerous shot from the penalty spot. In the 75th minute, Rui Costa could equalize the score; he made a super long pass to Ronaldo and put him in a duel with the goalkeeper, but the ball flew over the top bar. 80th and 90th minutes were dangerous for the Greeks. The ball almost flew into the gate after Ronaldo and Figo stormed into the gate of Nikopolidis. However, the latter managed to deflect the threat. Soccer fans had an opportunity to earn some money with bets on this match with ibet 789.

What helped the Greeks gain victory?

Greece’s spectacular victory in 2004 was made possible by several factors: 

  • Rehhagel’s well-thought-out tactics; 
  • the Greeks’ cold-bloodedness and their constant control of the Portuguese backline; 
  • the enormous support of the 15,000 people audience of fans.

The only comparison with the success of the Hellenes at the 2004 championship is the Danish victory against France in 1992. If you want to keep up with sports events, log in to the website of iBet789 and bet on your favorite teams and players. With a bit of excitement and luck, you will surely win.

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