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The new season of Apex Legends Mobile launched this week, entitled DISTORTION, bringing a new, mobile-first Legend with it. Her name is Rhapsody, and while the proclaimed Rhythm Singer may not sound like the best fit for the battlefield, she comes equipped with a devastating array of support skills for her team.

Rhapsody worked as a DJ from Komma, a place where the tech giant Pythas runs everything. Using her love of music, Rhapsody managed to rise out of the dangerous nightlife district, Neon Dunes, and earn a spot in the Apex Games alongside her companion AI Rowdy. Her passive, Gifted Ear, visualizes sounds from an extended range. Her Tactical, Hype Anthem, will speed up nearby squadmates and recharge shields, however, it is stopped by damage so any activation will draw a lot of aggro. Rowdy gets involved when using her Ultimate skill, Rowdy’s Rave. It sees the pair project a wall of flashing light that will block incoming sights and scans.

Her Legend Progession Perks are also quite impressive, ranging from buffing Hype Anthem to also bestowing Gifted Ear on allies, to allowing them to reload faster during Rowdy’s Rave. With all of these skills, Rhapsody sounds like she would be a welcome addition to any team for anyone who learns her well, as well as an immediate target for the opposition.

Distortion also brings a few new modes for players to get into. Gun Game is a challenging new mode where everyone starts with the same weapon, and will rapidly graduate through the arsenal of guns Apex offers, with the winner being the one with the most points, or who racks up three melee kills. So, prepare for a stampede of would-be ninjas. Hack pits a team of Hackers against a team of Defenders. In this mode, an ADS Satellite with an orbital cannon overlooks the playing field. There are two sites on the map the Hackers must hack to gain points. When three points are obtained, the satellite will instantly melt the Defenders. Wanting to avoid such a grisly fate, the Defenders must stop the Hackers at any cost.

Anybody who wants to read the full list of updates and bug fixes can do so in the patch notes, or anyone who wants to jump into the action can download the app from the App Store or Google Play for free.


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