Things to Consider to Look Elegant on Engagement Day Parties

Based on history, engagement rings have only been symbolized as a binding promise of love in the 9th century. Gold was the most prominent material in engagement rings during that century. Men offered customized rings just to get the approval of the woman they planned to marry. It was only when Archduke Maximilian of Austria fell in love with Mary of Burgundy that the world saw the first-ever recorded diamond engagement ring presentation.

Since this encounter, diamond engagement rings have evolved and people try to include various gemstones in them to make them look even more special. Engagement parties have also become a celebration of love between couples instead of it being a trivial betrothal ceremony.

However due to this reason, engagement parties are extremely special for brides-to-be. They want to look their best because it is a special day for them. But how can you ensure that you will be elegance personified that day? Keep on reading this article to find out.

Things to Consider to Have the Perfect Engagement Day 

1. Make Your Diamond Engagement Ring the Center of Attention

Couples who intend to get married have an engagement party where they announce to family and friends their intentions.  It is also common practice that they exchange engagement rings on this occasion. After all, the very reason everyone has gathered is to witness the betrothal  of the two   You should let your ideal engagement rings shine in the spotlight and not let anything else overshadow its importance. 

For instance, it is better to wear simple accessories, preferably dainty ones as you would wear your diamond engagement ring to the party. You can accessorize with lab grown diamond stud earrings and a simple necklace with a diamond pendant to create that subtle yet delicate look.

However, accessorizing on your left hand where the engagement ring would be worn, might not be a good idea. For example, if you wear a diamond tennis bracelet on your left wrist, it might steal all the attention.  Hence it will be much better to wear the tennis bracelet on your right wrist.

If you really want to wear a bracelet in your left , it would be best to pick a gold chain, one that is not too loud and can compliment your dazzling diamond ring.

2. Wear Fresh and Natural Make Up

For an overall elegant look, your makeup look should look as natural as possible. Avoid makeup tones that are on the deeper side such as browns and reds. Instead, use nudes, corals, and blush tones in your look.

It is best to avoid wearing high-coverage foundations and good to opt for skin tints instead. This will give you a skin-like natural glow that will amplify your complexion. You must also avoid using black eyeliners and cat-eye looks. Alternatively, to make your eyes bigger, you can use brown eyeliners.

In terms of lipstick shade, bright or pinkish-nude ones are the best option. Stay away for lipsticks that are in the colors burgundy, brown, red, and purple.

3. Do Not Go Overboard with Your Dress

Overdressing is a major mistake you do not want to do during your engagement party. Not only will it take the sparkle and attention out of your diamond engagement ring, but it will also give you a lot of unnecessary attention.

To look elegant at your engagement party, you can wear a  flowy dress. The vibe that you should go for must not be too revealing. Just keep your dress light and airy. Do not go for dresses that have graphic or heavy prints. Plain ones or ones with subtle prints are preferred if you are going for an elegant look.

4. Choose a Dress That Matches Your Skin Tone

Not only should you not overdress, but you must also choose a dress that compliments your skin tone very well. Everyone has their own colors that give them that glow. Your colors are heavily influenced by your skin tone and skin undertone.

There are three major skin undertones, them being cool, warm, and neutral. For starters. If your complexion is fair, there’s a higher chance that your skin undertone is cool, if you have a darker skin complexion, it’s highly likely you have a warm undertone.

But then again, this is not always the case for everyone. It is best to have your color match done by experts. Alternatively, you can check out online undertone quizzes to know which colors suit you best.

5. Choose a Hair Style That Makes Your Face Look Smaller 

Of course, the style of your hair is important for your overall elegant engagement party look. In deciding which hairstyle should you wear, it is best to pick one that compliments the dress you are wearing. Not only will it make you look elegant, but will also make you feel beautiful.

You can also style your hair with small bedazzled clips and pins for that glow.

6. Avoid Getting Too Drunk

Don’t get too excited with the overflowing booze at engagement parties. Being drunk is nowhere near the epitome of being elegant. After all, you must socialize with people with poise. 

The engagement party is a good opportunity for you to interact and know people on a personal level.  It is an evening to which you have invited guests and hence it is imperative that you look your best and are a wonderful conversationalist.If you want to be remembered for what a good memory it was to be with you on your engagement party day, it is best to go easy on that champagne and wine.


Even though the history of engagement is not as romantic as we would have originally hoped it to be, what matters is that in this era, we celebrate it with love and joy. Exchanging engagement rings in front our loc]ved ones has become a special occasion for us. Engagement parties bring us together to commemorate a couple’s first steps towards their happily ever after. Thus, anyone must look their best when attending one, especially if you are the bride-to-be.

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