This Never-Before-Seen The Office Moment Is Peak Michael Scott


We definitely feel god in this Chili’s tonight, because Peacock just dropped all of The Office‘s season five Superfan Episodes.  

Even better, to celebrate, E! News is bringing you an exclusive never-before-seen clip right now

The below video features a scene from the memorable season five episode “The Surplus,” during which Michael Scott (Steve Carell) discovers extra money left in Dunder Mifflin’s budget and is subsequently forced to decide whether to spend it on a replacement copier or new chairs. At least, that was the case before Michael found out he could pocket a bonus equal to a small percentage of the surplus. 

And that’s exactly what he did. However, this new scene comes before Michael makes the final decision to keep the money. He’s aware of the bonus, though, and proceeds to try and talk his way out of spending the funds to improve the office. How? By sharing a story about a little boy that’s clearly him. 


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