Tips And Tools On How To Manage Multiple YouTube Channels?

It might be very time-consuming to create multiple accounts on YouTube and use them as a channel. However, the question is, is it worth it if you make multiple channels? The simple answer is yes because multiple channels help you extend your reach and brand awareness.

Can you have multiple YouTube channels?

Yes, it is 100% possible to have multiple YouTube channels. However, creating multiple channels back then wasn’t easy because this platform needed a different account to create a different channel. But in the recent updates creating a new account and, with it, a new channel would be a waste of time.

YouTube allows you to create multiple channels on a single account. Whenever you are creating them, you can create something called a brand account linked to your account.

Should you have multiple channels?

It entirely depends on what kind of content you post on your channel and what brand endorsement you have. If your channel has a wide variety of verticals or if you have a large number of audiences in your parent account, it might be good for you to create a new account.

For example, you have different kinds of content on first hand your fitness and daily diet according to exercises. While on the other hand, this is a good approach if you have a cooking channel. Below are a few reasons why multiple accounts can be good.

  1. Easy searchability – Posting a different kind of content on one YouTube channel might be very difficult for your viewers to find and separate the content. However, having multiple channels will make it very easy for them to find a specific type of content on your channel.
  2. Better for the brand – Some brands only prefer to work with a specific kind of channel, so having multiple channels would help you to work with better brands while focusing on the target audience.
  3. Channels help each other grow – You have more than 10,000 subscribers, and you find it challenging to generate a good amount of traffic on the channel. You can take the help of a grown channel to collaborate with them. It will help you to buy YouTube views organically with a lot of traffic.

Tips for managing multiple YouTube channels

  1. Have a solid visual identity – A YouTube channel needs to represent a specific logo of your brand as an icon. Moreover, you can also use them as a banner to represent the channel’s brand. It is one of the easiest things; you have to stay and complete the demand of YouTube image dimension so that your picture would not look weird or wrong if someone looks at it.
  2. Write a good channel description – General description is one of the most important things because it describes your whole YouTube channel subscriber. Therefore, it is essential to share all the important stuff so that users can easily understand what kind of YouTube channel you are running or what kind of content they will find here.

The first few words must be very informative to engage the reader. A proper and relevant keyword is also necessary to make your channel more searchable. If you are unsure about writing, you might use the help of writers online to assist you with this problem.

Tools that help you to manage your multiple YouTube channels

  1. Hootsuite – This is a great tool that is good for all social media platforms, and one of the best parts about this tool is that it allows you to schedule videos to be published across multiple YouTube channels. With the help of an analytical dashboard, you can keep an eye on your YouTube metrics and your engagement with your viewers. 
  2. TubeBuddy – Tube buddy is a free extension; you can use on Chrome, and it helps you to publish videos, track keywords, track metrics, track ranking, and share videos. This application helps you to grow your YouTube channel even faster and helps you to buy YouTube video views organically. 

Apart from this, it also has an exciting feature that optimizes things such as the video’s title, thumbnail, and descriptions.

  1. YouTube studio – The most important and YouTube’s official application for the content creator to manage their account. There are essential tools that provide you with a watch over everything 24/7. In addition, your studio has its dashboard; you can select the things you can see, such as likes, scheduling, commenting, and many more things, according to your preference.

The application is entirely free of cost, and the thing that you need is a YouTube channel and account to get started.

These are a few tips and tools which might help you to manage your multiple accounts. Having multiple accounts is not easy for everyone, and it requires a lot of hard work and better content to earn high traffic to their channel. In addition, the content creator must work hard to polish their channel to make it more prominent to increase endorsement.

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