Top 10 Tips on How to Style a Wig Properly

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Wearing a wig is not just about looking good; styling a wig is also important. There are many different hairstyles, and these styles need to be held together. People use many different methods to style their wigs, but this blog will look at the top 10 tips you need to know.

Never wear a synthetic wig.

Don’t touch that synthetic model if you’re considering sporting a wig. Not only is it not a good look, but it’s also not good for your health. “Chemicals that are used in synthetic wigs are very toxic and can cause a sensitivity reaction,” says Dr. Ava Shamban, a Beverly Hills dermatologist and author of “Heal Your Skin.” Wigs made from “human hair” are not always human hair either. “A lot of wigs are made from horse hair,” Shamban says. “I’m not even sure what they do with it.” The horse hair is often colored to give the wig a human appearance. “You don’t know if it’s been colored with chemicals or colored with henna,” Shamban says.

Never wear a wig larger than your natural hair.

Wigs are an integral part of modern dressing up and are commonly worn for various functions, events, and festivals. But the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind is that the size of your wig should never exceed the size of your natural hair. straight lace front wigs are generally available in different sizes; the larger the wig, the more unnatural it looks.

Never put a wig on a windy day

You should never put on a wig on a windy day. Wigs tend to fly away if they’re not fixed in place. If you want to protect your wig, you should use a wig net. A wig net will help you keep your wig in place and prevent wispy strands of hair from flying into your face. Another important thing to remember is that you should always use hairpins to secure the wig on your head. A lot of women use bobby pins instead of hairpins. But bobby pins are not recommended for styling a wig because they are too thin and can bend easily. Hairpins are better because they are bigger than bobby pins and they will keep the wig from flying away. Hairpins are also more durable and can hold a lot of hair in place.

Never use any heated appliances on your wig.

It is important to style your wig correctly. Use the right styling tools and techniques. Give the wig a good combing before styling. Do not use any heated appliances. It is best to use a wig stand when styling your wig. To hold the wig firmly in place, use wig clips. Use human hair lace front wigs styling products sparingly. Use non-greasy products.

Wash your wig with wig shampoo.

Washing your wig with a wig shampoo will ensure that you take care of your wig properly. Wig shampoos are designed to remove residue, dirt, and styling products. They are formulated to maintain the look and feel of hair. Use wig shampoo by lathering the wig and letting it sit for about five minutes. Rinse thoroughly and gently squeeze out the excess water. Style as usual.

Condition your wig

This is one of the most important steps. Conditioning a wig is essential because it helps maintain the quality of your wig and adds shine and softness to the hair. The hair fibers can be damaged by the sun, wind, water, and heating tools, so it is important to take care of them. However, the hair should not be washed or conditioned every day because the fibers will become weak, causing them to tangle easily. You should only clean a wig with shampoo and conditioner once or twice a month. To avoid washing it too often, use wig spray, a fabric softener, or a leave-in conditioner.

Never apply lotions or any products to your scalp.

When styling a wig, you’ll want to avoid products containing alcohol, which may cause the wig to dry out and become brittle. Use a moisturizing conditioner. Apply the conditioner to your entire head, and then gently work it through the hair on your wig. Rinse thoroughly in cold water to avoid mildew growth.

Avoid wearing your wig for long periods at a time.

Wearing a wig for too long can damage your real hair, cause it to break off, or cause it to become brittle. Full lace wigs are worn to cover up hair that has been lost and to help people feel confident and look great. However, wearing a wig for too long can cause damage to your real hair. The longer you wear the wig, the more damage it causes to your natural hair.

Never sleep with your wig on.

You will discover that wearing your wig will make it easier to do your hair and make-up in the morning. However, when you go to bed at night, remove the wig, comb your hair, and secure the wig in a satin-lined box. By doing this, you will be able to have the same style in the morning, and you will be able to sleep comfortably.

After wearing your wig, wash it and store it properly.

Wigs are a great alternative to natural hair, but they do require a bit of extra care. After you’ve worn your wig, you should wash it. Follow the instructions on the care tag to avoid damaging the wig. Once your wig is clean, you can store it in its case. If you have a lot of wigs, you can store them in a wig box. If you only have one wig, you can use a wig bag. Both of these options are more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a wig box. Now, you need to learn how to style your wig properly.


Opting for HD lace wigs is a great way to spice up your look and combat hair loss, but they are not as simple to wear as they appear. This blog will help wig wearers find their best look. Wearing a wig entails many moving parts, some you might not know about.

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