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When playing a video game it is nice to make a playstyle that can be called your own. However, with the limited choices in most games, it is hard to be a bit different and have a unique build. Enter Torchlight: Infinite. The developers have built the game with a focus on providing players with a huge array of options to make their playstyle as unique as possible.

In Torchlight 2, the skill tree was pretty robust. Each class had 3 skill branches which in turn had 7 active skills and 3 passive. Skill points could be allocated wherever desired in order to build a highly customised loadout. As deep as this was, there were still some limitations on just how varied you could be, but for Infinite the envelope has been well and truly pushed.

Torchlight: Infinite has two types of skill, Active and Support. The idea is that when a Support Skill is linked to an Active Skill, the Active Skill will undergo a big change. For example, a skill like Chromatic Shot on its own will fire three energy arrows to track and damage enemies, a nifty trick on its own. If the Greater Multiple Projectiles Support Skill is linked, then three arrows become seven, and if Wind Projectiles is added then those arrows will fire across the map faster and with better tracking. And that is just a basic example, there is a whole host of other modifiers to add.

This system is available for every skill, and what’s more important is every skill is available to every player. There are no micro-transactions to unlock any skill, they will naturally unlock when the hero levels up and learns them from the Skill Mentor, and when equipped will improve by gaining combat exp. Theses skills can be switched in an out at will, and even more impressively, no skill is bound by gear or character, so any hero can learn any skill for a truly open customisable playstyle.

Torchlight: Infinite will be out for iOS and Android upon release, but anyone eager to get into the action can sign up for the pre-release on the official website.


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