What to Pay Attention to When Buying Headphones?

Headphones in today’s world are almost a basic necessity as people are constantly consuming content. So, is it important to know what should you pay attention to while making a purchase? There are a number of characteristics that are important to consider before buying:

Characteristics to pay attention to

  1. The first thing to decide when choosing headphones for your phone is whether you need a microphone for communication. If you plan to sometimes answer calls or negotiate, then take a model with a headset. Just press the button on the headphones to answer the call, no matter what you were doing before.
  2. Next, see if you can connect a cable and turn wireless headphones into wired ones. This is convenient when they are discharged and urgently needed. The battery may run out while walking. This is an unpleasant situation, but the wires will solve the problem.
  3. The third parameter is weight. The headphones have a built-in battery, so they weigh more than wired ones. Devices with a microphone weigh an average of up to 300 grams. If more, then you will feel pressure on your head, which will prevent you from enjoying the music.
  4. The sound quality is determined primarily by the diameter of the headphone membrane. The larger its radius, the higher the frequency range of sound that the device can produce. The normal average is from 18 to 20,000 Hz. More is better.
  5. Next up is the headphone design. If the speaker cup is open at the back, then other people will hear the music besides you. If the speaker is closed, the sound isolation will be better. This is an important parameter, especially if you like to turn up the sound in your headphones louder.
  6. Pay attention to the ear pads: vacuum ones will be more convenient because they are inserted deep into the ear canal and hold well. The ear pads are simply inserted. There are also overhead ones, in which the ear pads are pressed against the ear or the cup closes it from all sides. Please note that you will not be able to wear such wireless headphones for a long time because your ears become numb from them.
  7. Also, see if there is a volume control on the headphones themselves. At first glance, this is a trifle, but in fact, this option will increase the convenience of listening. You do not have to take out the player every time to make it quieter or louder, a couple of touches on the headphones are enough.
  8. If you play a lot, then you should take a special model so that the sounds of gunfights sound more voluminous and realistic. Also in these headphones, there is a vibration response, which will make the game process more atmospheric.
  9. If you want to listen to music and isolate yourself from extraneous sounds, then choose a model with a noise reduction system. It measures the noise level and outputs the sound with an inverted out-of-phase waveform that cancels it out. These wireless earphones are more expensive and heavier. In addition, some people are sensitive to the acoustic effect and have a headache. It’s like being “sick” in a car.

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