Whether Lee in UK a nice area to invest in property?

The right thing to do while on a property hunt is to get your facts in order about the place where you are looking for properties. Not just the altitude or proximity to your workplace, but there are quite a few factors you should consider before you find your ideal property destination. What is the neighbourhood like? If you plan to settle down as a family, how many options do you have in choosing your child’s school? You must also know how likely is the value of your potential property to rise in the coming years. Above all, your housing properties must feel like ‘home’ to get you onboard.

Lee Green is one such beautiful place that has historical significance,

  • The properties here tell you stories of late Victorian and Edwardian architecture. 
  • It is bordered by Blackheath in the north, Hither Green and Catford in the west, and Eltham in the east. 
  • Situated in London Borough Lewisham, this place was once an abode of affluent merchants. Its proximity to London and decent school systems are major attractions for families to settle down here. 

The annual celebration called the Hither Green festival is a popular reason to visit here, especially for children. So before you hunt for estate agents in Lee, have a look at the following reasons that make Lee an ideal place to invest in property.

Popular attractions in Lee

There is quite a long list of must-visit places in Lee, and the most famous one is St.Margaret Church known for its gothic interiors. You can spend your weekends away at leisure centres like the Glassmill Leisure centre and Eltham centre on Archery road. These centres have access to swimming pools, certainly the best places to relax. There are vintage stores, galleries and a deluge of cafes and restaurants in Lee. The most recommended by the residents are the Lord Northbrook pub and the Archibalds Lee Cafe. You can also find enough Italian and Thai restaurants to honour your random cravings. 

Schools and Transport

The Lee high road is the easiest land route you can take to reach Blackheath, Lewisham, Catford and Woolwich. The Lee railway station connects you to London, Cannon Street and Charing Cross through Woolwich Arsenal and Lewisham. The Hither Green railway is also at a walkable distance from the main railway station. 

Schools here like Marvels Lane, Baring, Cooper’s Lane, and Brindishe Lee are for the kids receiving primary education. Similarly, the Lee Manor, Trinity Cafe and St. Mathew Academy are the best for older kids up to 16 years of age. The system of education in the schools of Lee is also considered commendable among the residents.

Housings in Lee

The house styles, as mentioned previously, have terraces built in the Victorian model, and the houses are usually semi-detached. More three and 4-bedroomed apartments have been coming up in the past decades, yet the archaic housing style is still a catch here. The residents are more concerned about the value of life and cooperative communities in the neighbourhood. Property hunters do not usually look to rent apartments here but own them, which adds more reasons to invest here and settle down. 

Scope for properties in Lee

In the last twenty years, the purchase value of houses here has increased from £500k to £250k. An average of £2000 per month is required to rent a two-bedroom house in Lee today. If the house has four bedrooms, the rent can go up to £4000. And the values are predicted to go further up in the next few years. At least 4000 new houses with 3 and 4 bedrooms have been built on just the Ferrier estate’s run-down land. Leveraging the lesser cost of living scenario in Lee compared to Blackheath, real estate enthusiasts are rapidly looking for properties to invest in here.

Summing up

Now that you know what it is like to live or invest in a property in Lee, it is up to you to decide if you want to proceed further. Have a clear picture of your financial goals and budget before investing. And most importantly, do not hesitate to seek help from agents or real estate consultants to have a fact check.

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