Why Love Island UK Received 781 Complaints in Just 4 Weeks


Love Island is getting plenty of hate. 

The U.K. version of the steamy dating show phenomenon, currently airing its eighth season, has already received 781 viewer complaints since its June 6 premiere, according to Variety

While Love Island is notorious for its hook-ups and addictive drama, most of the complaints, made to media regular Ofcom, have leaned in a more serious direction.

“According to Ofcom, viewers were concerned about bullying on the show,” Variety reported, “contestants’ well-being and mental health, certain contestants getting more screen time than others and the age gap between contestants on the dating show.”

In particular, viewers have complained about the amount of screen time given to 19-year-old Gemma Owen, daughter of former England soccer star Michael Owen, with one viewer tweeting: “Michael Owen must co-produced this show, Gemma is getting bare unnecessary screen time.”

In addition, the 19-year-old, who is also a competitive horseback rider, was paired with 27-year-old Davide Sanclimenti on the show, causing some viewers to be turned off by the eight-year age difference.


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