Why Michael Strahan Encourages His Teens to Make Mistakes In Dating


Michael Strahan is not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad.

Especially when it comes to his 17-year-old daughters Isabella and Sophia and their dating lives. “I am cool,” the Good Morning America host exclusively told E! News while promoting his show The $100,000 Pyramid. “Just be respectful, young man. Just be respectful. I was your age once.”

Not that he ever shies away from telling his daughters (who he shares with in with ex Jean Muggli) his true thoughts. “I will be honest and say, ‘I don’t like him. Get him out of here. He’s wasting your time,'” Strahan, who has two other kids from separate relationships, shared.

With his kids, Strahan utilizes the same attitude his parents did with him. “It’s your life,” he said. “You make your mistakes and you figure it out from there. And if you need me, I’m here.”

Indeed, physically and emotionally. “I always tell my kids that your heart lives outside of your body when you have kids,” the NFL Hall of Famer continued. “And everywhere they are is where I am, because they are my heart.”


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