Why Use Whiteboard Animation for Marketing

Today, if a consumer wants to learn about a business, they will look for a video, among other content types. Why a video? Because it helps people grasp the information faster. 

We now have white animation, and it’s taking over in different niches. That is why marketers are considering them too. With whiteboard animation, it’s easier to express ideas no matter how complex they are. 

Here, we will learn why you should utilize whiteboard animation ideas and tools. Before we go there, let’s understand what the concept means.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

You may have heard of it or come across a free whiteboard animation app or tool. It’s simply a video created with drawings appearing on a whiteboard. You can think of the board you find in school, the lecture hall, or the briefing room at work. 

Now, put that board on software and draw things that explain your concepts and ideas. That is what we call whiteboard animation. It comes in handy when you want to explain something, especially if it will take too many words to write or too many talking points. 

In marketing, these animations help in many ways, as we will see. So, here are some of the reasons why you should utilize the concept as it booms. 

Why Should You Use Whiteboard Animation in Marketing?

  • There Are Many Ideas to Share

You may have many ideas you would like to cover in one video. How do you do that without holding a conference or using expensive equipment to shoot the video? The answer is getting a whiteboard animation like Doratoon web app to explain the concepts. 

The Doratoon platform is one of the places you can visit via your web browser to put those ideas together. Since it does not require downloading, you can create the whiteboard animation anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet. 

Some of the features to enjoy as you work on the ideas include:

  • Animated characters and objects: You don’t even need to draw a character since they are already defined for you. There are also objects and texts addition abilities, which you can all use where necessary. 
  • Templates variety: There are numerous templates on the platform that you can use as a guideline. So, that whiteboard idea does not have to start from scratch. You can pick a template from the suiting category and proceed to modify it. 
  • Path declaration: The characters can move from point A to B, thanks to this feature. If you need moving parts or objects, that is possible with Doratoon since all you need is to define the path. 
  • Text-to-speech conversion: If you don’t have a voice-over to import or you can’t record yourself, you can type the text that is supposed to convert to speech. That’s how Doratoon makes speaking work easier. 
  • Ability to import: If you have other materials that you would like to use, you can upload them on Doratoon and use them. You can therefore customize the whiteboard animation to how you like it. 

Too much information is easily digestible if you use the animations on a whiteboard to describe all the steps and procedures. A video with a drawing on a whiteboard will help the viewers understand what you are explaining without losing interest. 

  • The Idea is Complicated 

You may be trying to explain the technical parts of a product. Not everyone settles with the idea of listening to such information if it will make it hard to break down and understand. So, a free whiteboard animation will come in handy to avoid boring people in the next two minutes. 

You can use these videos to explain all the concepts you need in a few minutes. The high-quality animation clips with colored drawings and different fonts to explain points are fun to watch. 

If you use that to explain the video, people will be able to watch through and understand. 

  • The Subject is Not Fun to Watch 

This point may be well associated with the one above. You may have a technical subject to explain or not. If whatever you want to express is boring, you need to make it fun to watch. 

So, why don’t you use the whiteboard animation free software to explain the concept visually? You can combine that with voice-overs and other illustrations to help the audience understand better. 

  • You Are Considering Social Media 

Social media platforms are full of videos. If you check the statistics, whiteboard animations perform better than other video types since people can relate to them. Since they appeal more to the crowds, you can use them to increase the chances of engagement. 

Platforms like YouTube and Facebook have more people searching every day. You can utilize such traffic by ensuring you have a whiteboard animation clip to lure those in it. 

  • You Want to Grab Businesses Attention 

Corporates have been utilizing the whiteboard animations for internal and external communication. That is why the idea is compelling in B2B marketing. The animations are casual yet tend to settle well with the giants in different industries. 

So, if you want to capture an enterprise’s eye, you can use the whiteboard concept to present an offer or express yourself.  

  • You Want Humor 

This is not acceptable at all times, but some funny moves that resonate well with the marketing environment cannot be ignored. Getting people to do the humor is hard to find, and the world’s best comedians are expensive. 

So, what’s the way out? A whiteboard animation highlighting the humor as you explain your idea or product. A good example is the recent Redbull advertisement describing how the energy drink ‘gives you wings.’

You get the point from the video while humor dominates the last parts of the advertisement. 

  • Avoiding Heavy Advertisement Cost 

While referring to the Redbull advert again, how much do you think it cost them to draw the characters? If you compare that with hiring the actors for that, it’s pretty expensive. For example, the same company captured a photo of a Redbull branding on a safari rally car with a helicopter above monitoring the race above. 

The cost of doing that involved a lot, from the drivers in the rally to the expensive camera placed in a risky position to capture such a moment. Whiteboard animations free software can save you more by just explaining the idea on a whiteboard. 

  • Re-Using Content 

Do you have audio you can use to market by adding visualizations? You can add pictures and whiteboard animations to explain different parts of the recording. It could be a speech, presentation, or something you just recorded while talking. 

We have seen such videos used to explain things in documentaries or online presentations. So, why shouldn’t you use such an idea to re-use content that will help you market better? 


Apart from knowing what whiteboard animations are, you have also seen why you should consider them in marketing. You can acquire a whiteboard video maker free of charge and proceed to explain that marketing idea or product. 

If you don’t know where to look, you can check out the Doratoon platform. It’s web-based, allowing you to create videos and export them easily. Whiteboard animations will continue to dominate, so it’s essential to use the idea to explain your marketing topics.

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