WWE NXT Level Up: Results, Grades, Reactions, Highlights


In the latest edition of WWE NXT Level Up, Javier Bernal battled the debuting Bryson Montana in the opening encounter. Diamond Mine‘s Ivy Nile was also in action against Yulisa Leon while Josh Briggs faced Quincy Elliot in the main event.

Javier Bernal vs. Bryson Montana on NXT Level Up

Montana applied a side headlock to kick off the match before Bernal showcased his agility to turn the tables with an arm lock. Montana escaped and hit a snap mare before running into a couple of arm drags.

Bernal focused his attack on Montana’s left arm before the latter hit a sidewalk slam. Montana put him in a modified backbreaker-style submission before Bernal broke his grip.

Bernal then hit a series of kicks and a dropkick followed by an inverted atomic drop and a Russian leg sweep. He hit a modified version of the Codebreaker to pick up the win.

Result: Javier Bernal defeated Bryson Montana via pinfall on NXT Level Up

Grade: B

Ivy Nile vs. Yulisa Leon w/ Valentina Feroz on NXT Level Up

Nile showcased her dominance early on as she got the better of a collar and elbow tie-up and hit a Northern Lights suplex. Leon fought back with a kick to the midsection but Nile put her down with a cross armbreaker.

Leon countered it into a pin but Nile kicked out. Leon launched a few fists and got a few nearfalls, stunning Nile. Nile fought out of a neck lock with a neckbreaker as both women went down.

Leon and Nile traded punches on their knees before the latter got up and hit a series of kicks followed by an Enziguri. Leon fought back briefly and hit a powerslam but as she went for the pin, Nile bridged out of it and locked in the Dragon Sleeper for the win.

Result: Ivy Nile defeated Yulisa Leon via submission on NXT Level Up

Grade: A

Josh Briggs w/ Brooks Jensen vs Quincy Elliot on NXT Level Up

Briggs hit a back elbow to gain control of the match. He hit a shoulder tackle to drop Elliot, but the latter made a quick comeback by launching a running attack on the former in the corner.

Elliot hit a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Briggs hit a couple of punches but Elliot put him down with a shoulder tackle and followed it up with a splash. He dropped an axe handle and put Briggs in a body lock.

Briggs fought back with a series of back elbows before he was on the receiving end of one from Elliot. Elliot then landed a series of right hands as Briggs hit a headbutt. Elliot missed a Vader Bomb as Briggs moved out of the way.

Both superstars threw their fists at each other before Briggs hit a Big Boot and a sidewalk slam followed by a Splash. Following a series of counters, Briggs landed the Lariat to secure the pinfall.

Result: Josh Briggs defeated Quincy Elliot via pinfall on NXT Level Up

Grade: B

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