5 Best GBA Games to Play using GBA Roms 2022

You have to think carefully in order to make sure that all the mice make it to the rockets safely. Is a cute puzzle game that involves a lot of thinking before you start any level in the game. Your goal is to get all the mice a.k.a ChuChus into the rockets while avoiding the deadly cats a.k.a KapuKapus.

  • Both games are amazing and the combination works quite well.
  • The game’s creators named it “Mega Power” for a reason – the pocket monsters in this version won’t be as easy to beat as you’re used to.
  • To this day, the GBA games have not been released to the public and remain Ambassador-exclusive games.

It’s no GameCube, but hopefully that is coming down the road! If that happens, I will declare the Nintendo Switch an objectively perfect console. They need to do a proper second stab at GBA and release the Kururin sequel this time..


Otherwise, please include the version you’re using (including the numbers and letters, if you’re using a development build), what OS you’re running on, and the names of games affected. If you wish to run mGBA on Windows XP or other systems that RetroArch runs on please use the libretro core instead. Please note that the libretro core is not always in sync with the standalone version and may have issues no longer present upstream. At HappyROMs, you will get Sega Genesis ROMs, Sega Saturn ROMs, and even Master System ROMs.

You may also download the games using their download manager. I downloaded Visual Boy Advance M and have .gba file roms, I also put the GBA bios in the emulator folder. When I go to import new roms via the wizard, it doesn’t populate any roms and is acting like they don’t exist. I set up to select the emulator and even downloaded it again from a different site and it works for my regular Game ⇒ Game Emulator Online Boy games but the wizard isn’t finding my GBA games. Sometimes players want an easygoing experience, and that’s where Pokemon Liquid Crystal comes in.

Classic GameROMs

@BulbasaurusRex Pokemon I just forgot, I apologize for that one. Metroid, Wario Land, Star Fox, Pikmin, all of those franchises only sell a couple million . Hell, even Fire Emblem, which has had a lot more attention in recent years, hasn’t been able to escape that same tier in terms of sales, no Fire Emblem game has sold more than 2-3 million.

Pokémon Nameless Edition is a rom hack of the original Pokémon Red game that was released in 1996. The game takes place in the region of Tallon, which is based on the real-world state of Florida. In the ROM you will have packed emulator and one or more SMS games in a format your game boy can understand. You will be able to pick the game you want to play from a menu. As a result you can fit ~100 SMS games on one flash card!

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