Five Mind Boggling PC Gacha Games

Gacha, a mysterious Japanese word is a translation of many other game terms into digital. It was originally a capsule-toy vending machine. You didn’t know what you paid until you opened the package. The same principles can now be applied to gacha games.

It’s difficult to distinguish a genre that is not based on gachas. Card games and RPGs allow you to buy chests without knowing the contents. Subway Surfers sells mystery boxes, which are also gachaing. Some may think that Tinder’s Super Likes are a gacha game. Let’s not go any further.

Gacha Games for PC 

With all of this in mind, here are the top gacha games, featuring loot boxes at the core. We have selected the top PC and mobile gacha games.

Loot Box Simulator

The game is completely gacha-based, as the title suggests. The game’s mechanics are not as funny as its satirical content, which mocks all the modern cultural tendencies and the gaming industry. It mixes up many cliches from Darth Vader and legends of Osiris to beauty obsession to gambling, etc.

This game is lightweight and completely free on Steam. There are many ads, both funny and serious. Don’t be surprised to find it in loot or another loot container. This one is a masterpiece because of its irony and postmodern outlook.

Gacha Life

Lunime is a stubborn enough studio to name the game after the genre. It has produced a series of Gacha games which are actually studios.

Gacha Life’s outfit options are very elaborate. You can make characters, change their clothes and accessories, as well as modify their weapons. You can also have them pose in various positions, or put them in dynamic or static scenes. To increase your chances of winning, you will need loot boxes that contain bonuses. These boxes can be used to play mini-games or pay.

What is Gacha Life, you ask? A gacha game that rewards creative people or an express studio for manga creators. One thing is certain: it’s best to see the game yourself before you can make a decision. You should do this on your smartphone or tablet as the PC version is not getting any updates in the foreseeable future.


Onmyoji is a JRPG at its best. It doesn’t hide its origins. You will be taken to Heian Japan, where you begin your journey into the unknown. You’ll then meet demons, spirits, magicians, and demons. Finally, you will encounter onmyoji, the master’s mystery and secret order that prevents the world from crumbling.

It’s a JRPG. But what about gacha? It has some. You have to grind to get a score or gacha to improve yourself. Onmyogi is not just a gacha gaming experience. It also offers beautiful visuals and core gameplay that combines RPG and strategic elements. It’s no wonder that it has high Steam ratings and 5 out of 5 on the Apple App Store. The PC version is compatible with many computers starting in the 2000s and has low requirements.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes – World Mission

This trading card game is a spectacular action game that’s inspired by the Dragon Ball universe. It features card-based arena fights in which characters from Dragon Ball compete against each other. Your opponent will be your opponent, then you and your fighters will take to the arena to fight each other with amazing visual effects. Although the visuals may be controversial, we think the game looks great with retro styling on both Nintendo Switch and PC.

Note: A new gacha game has just been released. Gacha neon apk is a character customization game. 

You’ll always need new cards to unlock new fighters and upgrade your existing ones. This is where the gacha begins. There are billions of cards sold. But you don’t know what’s inside. You win battles. You get your rewards. They can be used for gachaing. You can buy more cards if you don’t find the one you are looking for. Dragon Ball Heroes is the most loved card trading game and also one of the most popular gacha games.

Orange Juice 100%

Let’s now see what anime fantasy can do with a chess board. The creator gathered all the best anime elements, including robots and smart dogs, technology, and magic, and added some strategic thinking. Kai, the protagonist, will travel to the dark depths of hell. The fights will be vivid and exciting, not manga-style.

This is the type of board game that makes it worthwhile to purchase additional character packs. This makes it similar to card trading games. Loot boxes are therefore not explained. You never know what is inside, that’s gachaing.

100% Orange Juice has been voted one of the top digital board games in recent years. These statements are well-founded. While it will take time to understand the game, once you do, it will be a profound experience.

Gacha and the Art of Self-Control

These are the games in which gacha is the key element or main part of gameplay. Many games, including almost all card-trading ones, have gacha elements. These games are great for experiencing gacha mechanics, and not just to play. You have the right to spend your money however you need to know how to manage your thrill. Gacha games are great for this.

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