A Guide On Finding Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are stand-alone multimedia devices that can play music from your smartphone, tablet, and other wireless-enabled gadgets. In today’s review, we will find out how to choose a portable speaker. We will analyze the key nuances that must be considered when buying, and also consider the best models in different form factors.

How to choose a good portable speaker: what to consider first?

Here we will look at the points that you need to rely on even before you begin to familiarize yourself with the models on the market.

The future purpose of the application

It is a fundamental factor on which all subsequent ones will depend. The considered type of devices can be used at parties, taken with you for a walk or hiking. In addition, portable speakers are often used on beaches or placed by the pool. As you might guess, for home use, you can take quite large and powerful models; for cycling, hiking and walking, you should focus on compact devices with moisture protection. Some people even take such outdoor speakers so that they become an additional decoration of the interior. In such situations, the main focus will be on the design. In general, we first determine the goal and only then do we move on.


Of course, models from little-known manufacturers periodically enter the market, which is inexpensive and can potentially be a great purchase. But it’s better not to take risks and, first of all, focus on the products of time-tested companies: Samsung, Sony, JBL, Marshall. If you are strongly attracted to a model from some Chinese brand, it is highly recommended to read reviews about it or watch user video reviews.


It is perhaps the most obvious factor. When buying a portable speaker, the same principle applies as in the case of other devices – the higher the price, the more likely that you will receive a high-quality durable product. It is easy to guess that a model, say, for $200 will surpass a $50 copy in terms of power, autonomy, and additional functionality. At the same time, there is no need to go to extremes. If you need a speaker for musical accompaniment when playing sports, you don’t have to overpay for devices with crystal clear sound; You can get by with devices with average speakers. In addition, it is recommended to compare prices in different stores, as well as consider models of equal functionality from several manufacturers. This way you are more likely to get what you want without overpaying.

Not to mention that ideally, you should be able to test your speaker before you buy it. The fact is that some models have good power, but when the speakers are turned to the maximum, the sound is greatly distorted, which makes listening to music unbearable. Moreover, not all models have a stable wireless connection, so the connection may be interrupted during operation. And, of course, it’s nice to know in advance how convenient it is to manage the device. In many cases, it is simply unrealistic to check such nuances yourself, but you can watch video reviews of users who share their impressions of using a particular column.

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