How Much Does Go Kart Equipment Costs?

There is no need to buy special uniforms one or two times. Everything will be provided to the client directly in the karting center . Clubs have only one wish – comfortable, preferably sports shoes.

But if you decide to ride in a more or less regular mode, it is better to get your own sports uniform. Let’s see what you need to buy and approximately how much does off road go kart equipment costs for fans? After all, you are not immediately going to conquer world tracks? Therefore, for starters, let’s take amateur karting and small budgets.


Basic helmets without homologation will cost about 1-2 thousand dollars. With homologation – 5-6 thousand and above. The main rule is to choose the right size helmet in the store with the advice of a specialist. Finding something suitable online is only possible if you are not making a purchase for the first time.


Basic gloves will cost 0.5-1.5 thousand dollars. For this price, you can choose models for both indoor and outdoor types of sites.

Neck and rib protection

Many novice drivers often neglect additional protection measures for the neck, ,ribs, knees and elbows. However, if you’re going to ride regularly, it’s worth getting the basic protection models. Neck protection – 100-500 thousand dollars, ribs – 2-3 thousand, knees and elbows – 500-1000 dollars.


Basic karting shoe cost, on average, 1-1.5 thousand dollars.


An ordinary racing suit without homologation will cost, on average, from 0.5 to 3 thousand dollars. There are versions for indoor karts and rain suits. The latter will be useful for open areas and different weather conditions. Suits of the middle price category start from 2-3 thousand dollars. Most offers are without homologation or with its basic level (CIK-FIA Level 1).

How much does professional karting equipment cost

If you have overcome the first milestone of 1-2 years of training and have begun to look at semi-professional or professional karting, you will need more solid equipment. There is more technology and higher budgets. So, how much does karting equipment cost for semi-professional and professional activities?


A serious helmet will definitely be with homologation (fire resistance). The middle category will cost from 3-4 thousand dollars. Helmets “more abruptly” – from 6-7 thousand and above.


Professional karting shoes cost, on average, from 5 thousand dollars. There are both models for indoor karting and rain. The latter are convenient for open karting, where a variety of weather conditions are possible.


A suit for professional karting differs significantly from an amateur one. This is due primarily to the structure of the map. In a professional kart, the engine is located in front. In a suit for riding such vehicles, there must be thermal protection for the hands.

Prices for such costumes start from 5-6 thousand dollars. There are models and much more expensive. The main rule is that all costumes will be obligatory with homologation, and of the highest level (CIK-FIA L,evel 2, SFI or FIA).


Good gloves will cost, on average, from 3 to 4 thousand dollars. For this price, you can easily pick up both online and offline gloves for different types of tracks: open and closed.

Body protection

Athletes who ride regularly do not neglect additional protection systems for different parts of the body. For example, good neck protection will cost $3K to $5. Rib protection – $5k to $6. Elbow and knee pads are much more affordable and cost around $300 to $500.


The balaclava will provide additional comfort when riding. Basic models can cost up to 500 dollars, models with homologation – from 500 to 1000 thousand dollars.


There are different types of underwear and thermal underwear that provide comfort and warmth when skiing, including different weather conditions. Basic thermal underwear – from 100 to 200 USD for a T-shirt and 500 to 1000 for underpants – will take sweat away and prevent you from catching a cold. Insulated thermal underwear – from 2-3K – will allow you to practice your favorite hobby in any weather. There are also socks with homologation – from $500.

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