How to Draw Boots Easily

How to Draw Boots. Shoes can come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Some shoes are created only for elegant style, while others are very practical.

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Boots would be a great example of the second option, as they help protect your feet even over the roughest terrain.

Even just looking at boots, this type of shoe has a wide variety. This can make learning to draw boots a bit difficult!

Our step-by-step tutorial on how to draw boots in just 6 steps will show you everything you need to know to start drawing these sturdy shoes.

How to Draw Boots

Step 1

We’ll begin this boot drawing guide with one of the more complicated aspects of the image.

These are the laces on the instep of the boots, but before we add them, let’s draw the instep of the boot first.

Use some smooth, slightly curved lines for the edge at the top of the boot, and then extend a line down to the back of the boot.

Next, we draw these shoelaces. When drawing these, use a pencil as you will follow the reference image closely to start.

Once the laces look like our example, we’re ready for step two of the tutorial.

Step 2

In this second phase of drawing the boots, you’ll add the next section of the boot body and the laces. First, further, lengthen the back of the boot collar.

Next, we will add several rows of laces. You can also draw small circles around the areas where the laces go through the boots.

These represent the small metal rings that add some resistance to the lace holes on your boots.

That’s all for now, so we can move on to step 3 to continue this drawing.

Step 3

For the third part of this boot drawing guide, we will draw the thick base of the shoes.

These soles are usually very thick to prevent your feet from being hit by sharp or dangerous objects on the ground.

First, use curvy lines under the boot to top those thick soles. Next, we draw the base of the soles.

These are drawn with a few more jagged lines as the base of the soles needs to be a little rougher to provide traction for the wearer.

Once this sole is designed, we can continue with the tutorial.

Step 4

We’ll add a second shoe to your boots by drawing in this fourth step. When you do this, you will do everything you learned in the previous step except in reverse order!

This second boot faces the opposite direction as the first but otherwise looks identical.

Just draw the collar of the boot with the laces and other elements like the previous one.

Once we’ve drawn this second boot, we can add the final details as we continue with step five of the guide. So if you’re ready, let’s move on!

Step 5

Both shoes have been drawn, and now we can add some final details in this next step of our boot drawing guide.

Most of the details we add in this step will be minor, but they will help the boots look more realistic.

First, add small lines around the edges and sides of the boots to show the stitching that holds them together.

You can also add some of these little lines along the base of the shoes. Once you’ve drawn these details, you can also add some details.

You can draw your background to show what environment these boots are kept in.

Step 6

Now it’s time to finish off this shoe design with some colors. Boots are usually designed to be very durable in harsh conditions, so they are usually made from sturdy materials like leather.

This is the look we chose in our example image.

We used different shades of brown for the boots to give them that leathery look, and you can choose similar colors if you want a similar style for your photo.

While these are certainly some colors you can use, you can also opt for some unique color options that you might prefer!

Your Boots Drawing is Finished!

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